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semi acoustic fender

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im not sure if i want a semi or an electro acoustic

do fender make any good electro acoustics?

When it comes to fender accoustics(and i use them sparingly)It comes down to the 12 string gd47 grand dreadnought

the sonoran accoustic has the strat headstock, but it's for show,

i guess on the tight budget thats what I'd use, also include the cutaway version

But you gotta get your head around a bit of history before you start looking

the reason why fender started and became famous was because it was the first commercial solidbody electric(the telecaster) thats why leo fender made the company

prior to this you had gibson and epiphone(around the time has a seperate company) neck and neck with eachother

fender makes accoustics for diehards like yourself, but it's not as great as you really can ask for

your switching to semi-accoustics, find another company, (ibanez is great), and stick to fenders for electric, it gives you a different sound to experiment with

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Fender make excellent bolt on neck solid body electrics, thats their speciality. I wouldn't buy anything else from them other then a Tele, Strat, Jag, Mustang or Jazzmaster.

The best semi-hollow is the orignal semi hollow, the ES-335. Best guitar Gibson make IMHO, but they are pricey as hell.

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you know who makes some great and affordable semi-hollow's? f'ing ibanez... they run the gamut from about 300-1000 and they're all really great deals for the money. you should check them out. i wish more people played ibanez, they've come a long way since the 70s and even the 90s. they make some killer and really reasonably priced stuff now.

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