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Hustler Club afterparty?

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Just a thought, but given that this IS Guns n Roses, and the new Hustler club is just 5 blocks away, what do you think the odds are that Axl and crew will head that way when the show's over?

(By the way... there's already about 6 nice looking buses parked in front of the arena. There's a group of 4 together in one spot, then there's two really nice looking ones parked together with a security guard by them. One's a shiny black and the other is red, of course there's no identifying logo on either, and the windows are covered over. )

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Ha, no I go to school up here and I drove by the arena to find a place where I could meet up with my friend. If I didn't have an evening class I'd probably just walk around in the area and see if any band members come up for air, but unfortunately I'm back at school and will be there until I walk out of my last class an hour early in the name of GnR. ;)

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According to Dizzy in an email, they won't be hanging around in Baltimore after the show. Apparently they have to bus directly to Toronto. I'm curious to know if that is indeed the case, or was just a smoke screen to fool this would be party crasher.

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