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The Great Burrito Extortion Case

The Sandman

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no not got that one...i aint really heard any of their songs apart from girl all the bad guys want, which i thought was good !

I would recommend it. The last track could've been better if they cut it after a few minutes - rather than a draggy outro. I've listened to it a couple of times over, and it's certainly a solid album. Time will only tell whether or not it's as good as Drunk Enough to Dance or A Hangover You Don't deserve.

@ DopeSickGirl - February 18th :)

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those guys are hometown boys!!! glad to see 'em doing good. my band plays up at the Aardvark where those dudes used to play before they hit it. also, on Moday Night Football's opening bit, the guitarist is on there with Joe Perry, Hank Jr., Little Richard, Rick Neilson, and other legends. pretty cool!!!

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