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November 20th, Halifax Metro Centre, Review O' Mine

Lights went out shortly after 12. Intro music came on, the place was LOUD!!! Opening rift to WTTJ started... so far so good.... duu uu kno weeere the fuck you arrrr-.... Axl's voice was lost terribly in the mix... I was upset right away. Okay Axl what are you going to do to make up for the weak ass opening scream?? He walks backwards a few steps and does some stretches. Is he that out of shape? I thought I was at a rock show... PYRO EXPLODED!!! The show instantly got better. Axl made a poor attempt at singing, but the crowd didn't seem to mind. The band was fucking great. Lights were flashing (as were a couple nice sets of breasts) and things started to heat up. WTTJ ended. Lights dimmed for a few seconds. IT'S SO EASY followed by MR. BROWNSTONE!! some guy next to me was one of those guys who still lived in the 80's. He seemed to be enjoying it alot more than me. I patiently waited for some better material. LIVE & LET DIE was my favorite of the night surprisingly. Mother Goose gave me Mother Goose-pimples all over my arms when I heard him unleash his orgasmic sound effects. His wiggly key-board kept me fascinated for the majority of the show. But the highlite for me was the PYRO. everytime he said "die" pyro went off and it was like loud as fuck. Almost gave me a heart attack... I looked around crowd was digging it. Gn'R were backl better than ever!!!... or not.... next up was Knockin' On Heaven's Bore.... it was a mess... the crowd wasn't familar with the slower version and couldn't sing along correctly. Axl's vocals were bit emabarrassing... Most of the people around me were sleepy after than poor performance. Time to wake them the fuck up with a AFD classic right?? Wrong. Instead they brought out Robin Finck and he did the Neverending Solo From Hell.... seemed like it was at least 10 minutes... it dragged on and on.. a real momentum burner. SWEET CHILD O' MINE came on, crowd went nuts like always.... but Axl failed to deliver... BETTER came on, crowd didn't know what the fuck they were listening to. He should of introduced it by name. Disappointing performance I thought. YOU COULD BE MINE was cool. More mother goose-pimples on my arm. The band is great by the way. I think Axl's vocals were the problem. But the crowd still seemed to love him. Waiting in line earlier, the only thing anyone was talking about is AXL ROSE, AXL ROSE, and about how cool he is. About how of of a rebel he is for not showing up to a gig. He does "what the fuck he wants to do" quote some drunk 13 year old. After Dizzy's long ass solo, they sung THE BLUES and Mr. Rebel Axl Rose looked like a complete pussy with his squeeky schreechy voice. Another long ass never ending solo came next, courtesy of Richard Fortus. OUT TA GET ME rocked though. Crowd was insane during it. Then the piano came out and we get NOVEMBER RAIN which wasn't "too" bad, but I still feel that it doesn't belong in the current setlist. Axl introduced the TRAILOR PARK BOYS and they did LIQUOR & WHORES whcih was a highlite. The majority odf the crowd was bored during NR, and brining out the hometown heros was a very smart move. They left. Axl sung a few more lines that was cool.Bumblefoot took the stage. On came the LONGEST SOLO EVER!!!! Oh Canada + Freestyle + Don't Cry... BOOORRRIIINNNGGGG..... ROCKET QUEEN next, mother goose owned it. MY MICHELLE up after that, I'm glad BAZ wasm't there, Axl did a fine job on his own. PATIENCE was a sleeper. And NIGHTRAIN was cool, but I've heard it done better on various bootlegs. GOOD FUCKING NIGHT!!! everyone got up and ready to go, some people looked disappointed. Dumbasses. But they weren't familar with the set and were unsure about how they did the ENCORE. MADAGASCAR came on and Pitman owned this one too. Martin Luther King surprised most of the crowd. WTF? was written over many faces. PARADISE CITY was fucking worth the trip up, it was INSANE!!! confetti, fireworks, sparkler things, flashy lights, etc. LOUDNESS, it was a great way to end the show. The people who were disappointed 10 minutes ago were now happy. And we lived happily ever after. THE END.

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I have do disagree with some of your points. Richard Fortus' and Bumblefoot's guitar solo's were great; Don't Cry being one of the highligts of the night. Better and The Blues were both great as always. I found Axl's voice to be strong for the entire performance, and he was alway's energetic. And I can't believe that you didn't enjoy Knockin' On Heaven's Door, Patience, and November Rain. Seems to me that you don't like the slower paced songs, which I thought were fantastic.

Though I do agree that Axl's voice was lost in the mix for the first couple of songs. He did get it straightened out before long.

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Well I was with a friend who wasn't really a fan of GNR, and only knew the basics like WTTJ. I really wanted GNR to rock out and impress my friend so we didn't have to have an ackward ride home with him saying guns were dead. KOHD was the downpoint for me. Just plain terrible. My friend said he prefered Adam Sandler's version. That made me hurt inside, but was still kind of funny. :laugh: I guess I liked the louder songs because I didn't want to hear Axl's voice which was considerly embarrasing.. I did like the majority of Mr. Foot's solo. Just the length was the probaly. Oh Canada was a highlite.

BTW, the opening acts:

DIE MANNEQUIN or whatever they're called- sucked major ball sac. Emo Screamo shit. I had to leave and get some advil/aspirin halfway through the set.

SUICIDE GIRLS danced their asses off. THat's REAL entertainment. Whoever says it's lame, is a fruit.

THE TREWS were way better than the 1st act. I actually enjoyed their set.

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