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Kevin's Review


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Well here's my review of the saturday show at the palace.. I was in the front row ^_^.

The Opening Band.

Can't even remember their name. Nova Driver maybe? They obviously had to fill in for the kicked off Eagles, so I have respect for them doing this on obviously short notice. Apparantley the singer was very high. I didn't really enjoy them too much (comparatively) but oh well.

Suicide Girls

Haha. That's all I have to say! My friend came here not knowing who they were.. and when they came out he was surprised! He was like "well I don't think anything they throw at us later can top this!". :rofl-lol:

They were entertaining but I'd rather have just had Bach start.

Sebastian Bach

I was VERY impressed with Bach! There was a ton of energy from him and he was a great performer! He knows how to work the crowd and keep everyone excited. His new songs were "ehh", except "By Your Side". I really liked that song a lot and I'd want to buy whatever it's on. His band was also very good! They were spot on and were all tight. It seemed like Bach gelled with them nice. Some of the highlights were, of course, his old Skid Row songs. Especially when he said "Hey detroit, I LOVE YOU!" haha. I know he says it at every show and it should be cheesey, but hey.. I liked it!

He definently but on a great show and talked about playing old shows here and stuff.. Little stuff like that is great and helps connect with the crowd. Bach was very good. He did a lot of thumbs ups :rofl-lol: .

Guns n Roses

The waiting wasn't that bad. People here made it seem like a bitch fest with waiting.. but it wasn't bad. Then the lights go off.. All of a sudden I'm getting elbowed and shoved and am holding onto the rail as hard as I can not to move! I ended up in my same spot so hurray.. Then you see a couple of dark shadows walking on stage.. and you know what's next.

The opening notes of WTTJ. People were really excited and pumped! Then Axl, "Do you know where the fuck you are!!". It was great at that point! The show officially had started and there was a ton of excitement and energy at that moment. From now on I'll keep this shorter for readability and not go through every song, but generalize and touch on band members...

The songs as a whole were very good. I didn't like CD or madagascar, but I liked the rest of the "new" stuff. This band definently can play nighttrain. That was their best song IMO. The lowpoint is how late it started.. people started to get tired and the energy was laxing as the show went on. The piano solo with Dizzy could have been dropped IMO. I would love to hear a BBF song or something instead to give Axl a rest.


Axl's voice was very good that night. He had a good rasp and was hitting all the notes. I was very impressed by this as I've heard bootlegs where he was a little off. They NEED to turn him up louder! It was hard to hear him at times. To me it doesn't seem like he interacts with the band as much as I'd like.

The bands chemistry was great (bar what I mentioned about Axl)! Finck and BBF seemed to get along great as did the rest of them. I really liked seeing Finck and Ron running at eachother like.. blocking eachother if you know what I mean?

I'll touch on a few specific members and then them as a whole..

Robin Finck

Before that night, I hadn't passed judgement on him. To be honest I was disappointed in him. He played quite sloppy. It just didn't sound good to me. He did have good stage presence though. That kind of made up for my feelings on his musical ability.

Ron Thal

I thought Ron was great! He looked very happy and like he was having fun! I'm not so sure about his hair now though :unsure: , but hey if that makes him happy whatever. A highlight of the show was his "Don't Cry".

Tommy and Richard

They were both real good! I liked them both better than Finck. They were real good musicians. They both looked cool up on that stage playing and all.

The Rest...

They were pretty good. Dizzy played well, although I admit I felt tired during his piano solo. Pitman. Ehh.

The chemistry between everyone was real good, which is what I looked for. IMO Axl needs to act like he's closer to the band but hey.

Overall it was a good night! Although what I paid was too expensive for me, but I'll probably only get to see them once so it was worth it. People in the crowd had mixed reactions. I heard fuck slash's. Fuck Axl's. It was strange. But strangeness aside, I had a good night.

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Great review! Glad you had a good time. Our reviews are opposite on acouple of points. I felt tired during Nighttrain but was totally lovin' Dizzy's solo. Robin's solo was the best of the three, well, perhaps tied with Ron's. I thought Axl had good chemistry with the band, at least at times. For example when Ron was playing (I forget which song), his braids were in his face and Axl walked by and brushed them back, but overall I guess their could be a little more interaction. Heh, I got there late so I didn't even know there was an opening band!

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The chemistry between everyone was real good, which is what I looked for. IMO Axl needs to act like he's closer to the band but hey.

From what i saw backstage, Axl did his own thing, secluded with those that he has appointed as his servants (since he is royalty), the other members seemed to wander around freely (not hiden in restricted dressing areas). So seemed abit of a disconnect from both the band and the fans.

Hmmmmmm if only I could have "got in - to" the Suicide Girls Dressing Room...........oh what a dream.

Have fun in Chicago.

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On saturday I didnt really care that I couldnt go, Im not a huge fan of this band playing the old songs and calling themselves GNR, I just want to here fucking Chinese Democracy.

But now that I know what I missed out on Im kinda pissed, I want to hear Axl scream "You know wear the fuck you are?" in person so bad.

thanks Kevin

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that was the best night of my entire life!! best concert of my life!! what did axl say (something about fishermen and how he always wanted to say that here)? and if anyone knows what sebastian said about how were all cock suckers or something like that? wow my opinion robin finck is pretty damn close to being as good as slash hes amaizing!! and sebastian is a god! and i cant even start with axl! he my hero! i love him!! amaizing concert!!

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