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Pretty much agree to moop, to call normal a great album is madness. It's repetetive, has awful lyrics and Bumble's not a very godd singer.

:o Bumble's a Great singer!

I also love the song Normal, I'm always singing it afterwards :P

Also love Guitars Suck and Real and I Can't Play the Blues!

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True, true.

Man, I wanna see him live real bad. (Ok, I technically have 4 times, but y'know, I mean solo..)

i got to see him in brooklyn right after the european tour... fucking phenomenal! his voice is so strong and his playing is off the wall. he plays basically every note in every song (even the shit you think is just random noises). he was great and his band was very very solid and worked really well with his style. if you ever get a chance JUMP on it.

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