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Has anyone heard this song? I'm a big slipknot fan, and I think Cory has an awesome voice, but the new album isn't that great asfar as i'm concerned, except this one of two, possibly three jewels, but what i'm wondering is, what, if anything does this song mean? Is it his way of saying goodbye to all of it.. slipknot and stonesour? What do aby of you think? It seems hard to ignore, with him saying things like, "I get to go home in one week, but i'm leaving home in three weeks... they throw me a bone just to pick me dry, i'm following suite and directions, I crawl up inside for protection.. I'm told what to do and I don't know why" and "I don't really mind if I just, fade away, i'm ready to live with my family, i'm ready to die in obscurity"... sounds to me like everything he's wanted to become, he has, and has decided that it's not what he thought it was... being told what to do by music executives and producer's, his music being directed to fit a fanbase.. ect ect.. being Corey Taylor of slipknot/stonesour is starting to get to him and he';s feeling the pressure's of being a star.. and add that with the chorus, "I'm so tired that I gotta go... where am I supposed to hide now, what am I supposed to do.. you still dont think i'm gonna see this through, tell me I should stick around for you, tell me I could have it all, and I'm still too tired to care and I gotta go..." it sounds like between being in slipknot and stonesour, the touring and recording and overall day to day shit of being a rockstar is taking it's toll and wore him down, and he wants to disappear, but he knows that know that he's took off the mask, there's noway he can do that (unless you do it Axl style and piss everybody off and then nobody wonder's where you are)... I don;t know and dont have time to over analyze it, maybe you have different veiws and could share them... I hope it's just him venting and not walking away... his lyrics are always deep and complex and his abilityto change style's midsong and and to tell a story from more than one point of veiw is awesome... I think of slipknot like the world thinks of Gn'r now... they're a shot in the arm of metal that was and still is needed... the whole band is very talented together, and I think the music world will be loosing another killer group of musicians if the band steps into teh shadows... there will always be a slipknot, because of the fans, and the whole idea of what slipknot is... and they've always said that no matter what happens, slipknot will never disappear or fade away... I just don;t want them to step aside or stop putting out new music... I think it'll be a sad day when we slipknot fans have nothing to look forward to, except the dredded "someday...".. any opinions? sorry for any bad spelling, i have an excuse..

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