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Guns n Roses at Everett


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Well I felt I really need to write something about GNR at Everett because this was truly an amazing show.

First let me just say that when the Illusions came out in 91 is when I got hardcore into GNR, unfortunately I never got to see them live, no luck in 02, so finally the night had come for me to finally see GNR this past Sunday. Ofcaurse I heard all the demo’s and boots from previous live shows, but their was always a little tick in the back of my mind that said the new GNR are great but they can’t be the greatest. Seeing them on Sunday blew that tick away with a cannon blast. Seriously, the new GNR delivered beyond my expectations.

I arrived at 6pm to wait In line, doors opened at 7, got infront of the stage about 7:20. Was about four rows back so I was happy to be this close. Suicide girls came on, some ass threw a liguare cap at one of the girls who appeared to get preatty upset as she threw it back into the crowd, security later fished the guy out and threw him out on account of him trying to pick fights with people or something along those lines.

Hamlet them preformed, followed by the charismatic Sebastian Bach, he really tore the place down, and was a riot, was great.

Finally after the stage got reset for GNR the lights dimmed and people started to go wild, the opening riff to Welcome to the Jungle came on and Axl appeared out of the smoke on stage wearing sunglasess. It was really surreal to see Axl about 20 feet away, he just stood and scanned the audience with a cocky smirk on his face, like he owned everyone their, and he really did at that moment. People were going apeshit as Welcome to the Jungle started, the setlist continued with the usual, It’s So Easy, and so on.

But I gotta say hearing the new material live, and actually being their, put a whole new perspective on the new guys. First off it sounded extremely better then the demo’s or live boots of the shows would make you think. For example the demo of IRS is fantastic but always lacked a little raw power and felt a little flat, that was not the case at the show, it rocked, was hard, was everything it needed to be.

The only downside I got to say was the long wait, Suicide Girls came on at 8pm and GNR took stage about quarter to 12, I looked around and during the middle of GNR’s set, and some people who were rowdy and insane were significantly calmer, they just looked exhausted from standing so long to waiting for them.

But besides that, to some it all up, if you have any doubts of the new GNR, then I suggest you make an effort to see them live, they may not be the old GNR, but whatever they are, their fucking amazing.

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