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no one is to be trusted


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Another year has come and (almost) gone without CD. We have come to expect this so it shouldn't be that much of a shock. This happens every year.

There is one difference . Both Axl and Merck have repeatedly stated that CD will be out this year. Whether they lied or there were circumstances beyond their control is irrelevent. If something happened that further delayed the album they could have made a statement explaining the situation.

Record stores, DJ's and various websites have given us countless release dates over the years, so we should all know better than to trust them. Now we can't even trust Rolling Stone which is probably the most reliable source for music news in the U.S. or the BBC which is supposed to be one of the premiere news agencies in the world.

I know that some would say we should be thankful for what we have and I am too a certain extent. It was great to hear the leaks and know that some work was being done on CD. It's also really cool that the band is touring, although for many of us they are not playing within several hundred miles of us and it is financially and logistically impossible to attend the shows.

I'm not going to be one of those that posts bullshit like I am giving up on CD-I have waited far too long and supported the band in its darkest days so I will buy CD when it comes out. That doesn't make me feel any less betrayed.

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Merck's message on january 1st, 2007:

"Chinese Democracy was not released in 2006. The reasons may or may not include, but are also, at the same time, not limited too, production problems and/or other various mishaps, serendipities (axl found my wallet by chance when i lost it at the vma's) or events that interefered with the release date. Guns N' Roses will tour asia this spring!"

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