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Gingerbread Axl Gets Published


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Here's something that might cheer you up after the Fresno cancellation...

Sweden's biggest newspaper, Aftonbladet, recently held a gingerbread contest where people could send in their contribution in any form or shape. One of GnrDaily's webmasters made a copy of a classic Axl Rose pose.

Today the winner was announced. Unfortunately Axl didn't win, but he was published and mentioned as one of the top five in the contest!


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I am not angry with the band anymore,I mean the first time I heard the so called release date I knew it was a dead end so I pretty much knew this year would be another chinese democracy-less year again.Oh well...2007 might be the big year...right?In any case ginger bread axls are cool.Ima give Santa a full box of ginger axls :D

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