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A quiet POST for quiet times


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We all know the drill by now, when I say 'all' I mean EVERYBODY. You know it as well as I do, we all like to think we have our own spin on reality but the truth is it's the same reality on all sides.

So there's no new news. The 'media' machine has run out of gas again and left us all stranded by the side of the road with chaos on the brain. Some people making chit-chat to pass the time, other people wondering if they should just turn around and go back alone, and select few die-hards getting out and trying to push something that is way too heavy to move without an engine. The vast majority, however, are just mad and/or confused. Where were we on our way too again? I'm even starting to forget myself. Maybe whoever we were all going to meet will wonder where we are and try to find us someday? How long should we wait? Maybe they didn't want us there in the first place? If we're not welcome we shouldn't just drop in should we? Maybe they'll come to see us when we're gone; maybe we’ll leave em’ a note to remember us by. Some may be sad but sometimes that's life, ya know. It sure seemed like we were all more welcome when you weren't needed (or were thought to not be needed). I guess all of us get used to things being a certain way and take things for granted. So what's the answer? Maybe we should try next time…again?

Who am I kidding; I've ALWAYS been a nihilist and if I ain't changed by now it ain't happening. How about you? The confirmation is already on the wall.

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