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Headrush [rock band]

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so... I just made a bet with my friend here the other day about a band called Headrush and if they'd get big or not by the time that 2008 is here. they'll be releasing their first album, A Thousand Pictures (I think) and if they'll get as big as Wolfmother around 2008 and pretty close to The Killers (as they are now) when they releash their second album (whenever that will be), or actually the bet only ends at the beginning of 2008 and if they'll be famous by then I win the bet, if not, I'll lose... don't know how much dollars this bet is for but it's 10.000 icelandic "krónur" like it's called, should be around 150.00$ or something, that's alot money to me, and him as well so please tell me what you think of this band.

Headrush MySpace site: http://www.myspace.com/headrushrocks

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