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So...what can we conclude

3rd Wheel

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We know March is the month and that March 6th and March 20th were mentioned. That means March 13th should be considered too.....as should any other date really, but at least we have a date(s). We know, or seem to know, that Merck is no longer with the band. We know that they tried to get the album out and that the "muse" never came. We know that the label and them were negotiating. We know that the first news we hear is about an album release date.

Is there anything else that we can conclude?

Sorry for seeming stupid, or starting a thread for this but I want to make sure I know everything that is intended for us to know.

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I'd like to chime in on some thoughts.....for some reason unfathomable this was deleted instantly at htgth (sorry Madison, just staing fact).

Here are some thoughts:

Having already posted in this thread, but since posting having had the chance to read Merck's reply, here are a few thoughts:

To the numerous comments that Axl helped in the deception by promising the disc this year on the Eddie Trunk show as well as at the VMA's:

In both Axl's and Merck's letters it is agreed that there was a strategy developped (Merck places this agreement in Feb of '06) whereby the CD would be released this year.

As a result Axl made those assurances on the two occassions mentioned above. I believe that when Axl made those statements he fully believed them to be true, based on the strategy developped by Merck.

To the comments regarding Merck continuing to present the CD coming out in '06, likely after he knew well that it wasn't:

Axl maintained in his letter that this was Merck's doing, and Merck explained it away as taking a shot at Rolling Stone magazine. While I see Merck's effort to spin this after the fact, the truth is that he was well aware, for a while now, that he fans did in fact interpret that as a promise from the G'NR camp, and yet he allowed that misperception to continue. he even contributed to it with follow up statements about it maybe just appearing in a music store unannounced.

This ultimately was the downfall of Merck. Having said that, I don't think the man should be judged too harshly.

How should Merck be perceived/remembered?

Alot of strong reaction when this was first announced, many people glad that Merck was shown the door. I have to admit this was my initial reaction as well.

After reading Merck's letter, I see another side. As mentioned above, Merck really did continue to perpetrate a myth that the CD would be out this year, even though at that point he likely knew it wasn't.

I don't however think he did this to be malicious, or to jerk with the fans.

The truth is that this CD has been 10 years in the making, and this is now the second North Amercian tour that has been undertaken without the release of the album.

I can surely see how the label might be reluctant to continue to pour money into the project if they will the album will never arrive.

Put yourself in the label's shoes: Axl at the VMA's and Eddie Trunk promises an '06 release. A few recording sessions arranged to put the finishing touches on the album (as described in Merck's letter) failed to complete the album.

Not assigning blame here, as Merck rightly indicated, I don't beleiev you can just decide to schedule creativity. I believe Axl tried his best to deliver, and it just didn't happen.

Can you blame the record company at this point, faced with the fact that the album will likely not surface in '06 despite best intentions, and as Mercks stated with teh band's recent history working against it, can you blame the label for not sinking any more money into the project? It's a tough call.

Can you then blame Merck for doing what he felt was necessary to try to obtain the funding necessary to finish the project?

Look, Merck falls on the sword for this one, and probably deservedly. As he said, fair or not, the buck stops with him.

But beofre we all rejoice that the wicked witch is dead, consider that it is just before Christmas, the man has been very publicly and very unceremoniously turfed out.

Also consider that over the last five years Merck has sunk alot of his time and effort into this project as well, and when it finally sees the light of day, he will be on the outside looking in.

I'd say he suffered plenty.

Still lots of love for Axl and the band, but now, how about a little compassion for Merck? (Never EVER thought I'd be the one saying that!!)

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