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Twenty Years

Vincent Vega

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If all goes well, we will be listening to "Chinese Democracy" in March 2007. In July 1987, a band called Guns N' Roses was released upon the world, and rocked the band for 6 years, until it ended in 1993. Now, with the release of this album, a new chapter can begin for the band, twenty years later. It may not be the same band but nothing lasts forever and everything eventually changes. So this album will truly mark a new chapter for this band, and here's hoping this chapter is just the start of an even greater things. I mean, who isn't psyched to see videos for this band, to hear this long awaited album? I wonder what sort of videos they'll make. If they're not going the UYI route with the videos...I wonder what the cover art will look like, and how everything will look, and I can't wait to see a professional picture of the band together. Imagine all the liner notes at the end and 13 years worth of Thank You's and all the album credits lawl. So here's a toast to what looks to be a great new year.

1987: Appetite for Destruction

2007: Chinese Democracy

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