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young fans will be there


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this may not be a big deal to other people. I figure we here are the minority core fan base (we are), and figured the young peeps today don't care about GNR now. Anyway I sat at a table at a bar with strangers cuz my friends were boring me, they were all 21-ish, punk rock people. Cute girl who could sing like a champ too. They sang Weezer, Chili Peppers and Johnny Cash songs on the shitty karoake system. Anyway we talk about all sorts of music and I say, have you heard the new stuff from Axl Rose? Nobody had. I told them about Catcher, etc. on the web. Then I say, I think his stuff is good, he's a little weird but... and one of them just goes, "Man, Axl is fucking awesome!. When is it coming out? Holy shit!" And the rest were nodding and saying the same. I thought it was cool albeit a little thing.

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