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Bob Dylan's Bootleg Series


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I already had the Vol. 4 (the famous "Royal Albert Hall" concert) and the Vol. 7 (the movie soundtrack), two amazing discs. So, to continue the collection, for Christmas, I got Vol. 5 and 6, the Rolling Thunder Revue and the Concert at the Philarmonic Hall.

I must say I was more amazed by these two than the others. From his folk days in 1964 to his tour supporting Blood On The Tracks, it is great to see the difference between the eras. But, no matter the era, Dylan shows his greatness, be it with his funny comments between tracks or his variations in the lyrics that give these performances something special.

This series is phenomenal, absolutely recommended for any Dylan fan.

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I only have Vol. 4 myself, but you're right that it's a great album. It really puts thing in perspective about this period in his career when he was beginning to go electric and how close-minded some fans can be when an artist makes a change in their sound. I highly recommend it and plan to get more from the series.

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Is 4 the same gig when someone calls him 'Judas'?

Yes, it is. Classic moment.

I really should get 'No Direction Home' and more Dylan stuff. All I've got is Highway 61 Revisited, The Ultimate Bob Dylan and Blonde on Blonde.

You're missing a lot. The documentary is great, and in terms of albums, you should really check out Blood On The Tracks, Bringing It All Back Home and maybe The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan if you're into his folk era. And the last of his albums, Time Out Of Mind, Love and Theft and Modern Times are very acclaimed critically (I can only account for Modern Times, which is an amazing record).

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