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What Really Happened Between Axl & EODM?


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DATE: Dec. 29, 2006

SOURCE: RollingStone

12/29/06, 2:46 pm EST

Exclusive: What Really Happened Between Axl & EODM?

One of the best battle of the bands of 2006 had to be Guns N’ Roses versus Eagles of Death Metal. To quickly recap, EODM were kicked off the successful arena tour after only one show, during which Axl famously knighted them the “Pigeons of Shit Metal” from the stage. And poof! A beef was borne.

The other opening acts who performed that fateful night — Sebastian Bach, the Suicide Girls’ Burlesque Show — didn’t have much to say about the feud from behind the scenes. But we at Rock Daily got one of the Suicide Girls to open up and give us her exclusive take on the whole sordid affair. “The first night that EODM played they played a really good show but they went on after Sebastian Bach and the crowd response was really really negative,” says Suicide Girl Reagan, who had been on tour with the troupe for the last few months. “It just wasn’t the right kind of music for the crowd that came out to see Guns n Roses. They were getting boo-ed through all their songs and they cut their set twenty minutes short and stormed off the stage. We [the Suicide Girls] went back out and did a second set to fill time. But the crowd hated us too and just wanted to see Axl.”

So what’s the real reason Axl kicked EODM off the tour?

“Axl fired them for storming off stage without completing their set in a very public manner,” says Reagan. “Axl is great. He keeps to himself for the most part but gave us a ride on his private jet one time . . . [He] sent champagne and flowers to our dressing room all the time and was so gracious to us and we’d love to tour with him again in the future.”

Way to lock down an opening slot for the Chinese Democracy tour in 2017, Reagan! Let’s hope you’re still up for it in ten years.

-- Jason Gordon


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