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Savvy Kangaroo

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there's a few tracks there, have a listen.


Band Members:

paul d'amour

chris pitman


greg edwards

brad laner

dana woolard

gilden tunador

korel tunador

joe russon

patti hood

kelli scott

danny carey

I love it, and "Free Mars" remains my favorite album of all time!

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lusk are actually brilliant. pitman is a very talented man indeed.

it's funny because I just realized that pitman was in Guns & Roses today.

he's in alot of bands that I like. weird.

am I stalking him, or is he stalking me?

lusk rocks.

it also has the coolest packaging ever! the whole album art makes you think.

and I love the hidden track on Free Mars where the 3 guys are chasing the spider in the studio :lol:

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