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Has anybody ever heard of this band? The first time I heard them, i was at a friends house who is one of those MTV and fuse watchers.. well everybody was stoned and talkin loud and shit, just havin a good time and in the background you could hear the drums start and I look up and see this chic, Angela Gossow doin her thing and I think "ok, whatever, another chic band tryin to look badass, fuck kittie" and then this chic starts screamin out the lyrics to we will Rise and at the sametime everybody turned and said "what tha fuck, that dudes badass" then the shocker, it's a chic we're like "what tha fuck".. she's belting out some demonic fuckin sounds that most men couldnt pull off, putting the devil in bed and under the cover's shivering.. if you havent heard 'em, check 'em out if you're into metal... I'm not a fan of Kittie and most chic bands, cause well, ya know... girls just dont scare me.... and I dont like to listen to a band because they're hot.. but this girl is badass, and hot... I'm never getting married or dating or any of that stuff... but i'd marry this woman... she's badass... if you're going to check 'em out, listen to We will Rise, Despicable hero's, dehuminization and behind the smile... my favorite thing about her is.. she doesnt take the cheap road most metal bands do these days, and some chic bands do, she doesnt "sing" with clear vocals, ever.. atleast what i've heard anyway.. the guy's in the band do on dehuminization... but she is a metal primal screamin motherfucker... she makes me sweat thinkin about her... Please check 'em out if you're an open minded listener...if you're just a strict gn'r u2 blind melon listener, it's prolly not for you.. but anybody else who likes different shit would like 'em... they're not so much different than everybody.. but her vocal style and the musical talent of the band around her is superb

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