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NY RITZ GIG 88 Singles Boxset


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Awrite people,

Dug about & for the life of me can't find any info on this boxset of 4 singles (7 inchers) that I have: NY RITZ GIG 88

Black & white pic of the band on box cover with text at bottom "Limited Edition" and "Promotional Use Only". Each 7" single has different coloured label - pink, green, blue & red.

I'm sure it's a boot, but anyways - I'm intrigued. I've had it forever. Played it once, so mint condition.

Anyone know of this / can tell me summut about it (like: is it just crappy bootleg of TV show :unsure: ) ?

I've no idea - I'm a Metallica collector :D (approx 800 items).. ahem, sorry! And have some G&R from back in the 80s.

I saw the band back at the Marquee, London in '87 - where I sat on Wardour Street kirbside & swapped my can of English beer for Slash's bottle of Thunderbird. Izzy, Duff & Slash all signed my LIVE ep & Brownstone 12" on that day ! Not only that - I ripped the 3 or 4 foot poster off the wall in Marquee advertising those gigs & the release of the Brownstone/Easy 12" - still got... wotta beauty!

Anyways... any info on this boxset would be right appreciated! Cheerz.

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I haven't seen this but it sounds like a boot made by one of those bootleg companies. I've got one too, except mine is on one CD and it has the entire show on it. The thing I like about it is that the cover art is top notch, which is what you sometimes get when a company, rather than a fan, produces the product.

To my knowledge the band have never released anything official of this show but there are tons of different bootlegs flying around. The gig did air on MTV and so these boots are usually all in great quality. Soundboard audio and pro shot video. So I guess to answer your question, yeah, it probably is a (crappy?) bootleg of a TV show. What you've got probably isn't worth a lot since this show is I'd say the most widely distributed GN'R bootleg. But boots from record companies of high profile shows, with good quality official looking cover art in mint condition always have some demand.

BTW, sounds like you got some cool shit from that Marquee show. I'm jealous!

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