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Yeah I use numerous samples throughout most of my songs (which I will make credits to when I make the CD's) don't bash me for it cause a lot of techno samples some song or another I also have a few songs which don't have samples. Well then tell me what you think........


edit: http://www.sendspace.com/file/k0ezz7

1. Hell Is Other Robots

2. Kick The Can

3. Mister Tamborello Is Knocking

4. No Justice For All

5. Robotronics

6. Techno Mail

7. Weapons Of Mass Destruction

8. Without Drums

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Sorry, the file you requested is not available, if you upload again i will definately have a listen

I'll do that tommorow. Currently I am recording a few songs too add to the mix then go to bed.

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and isn't wepaons of mass destruction a song from a band called faithless, but it was really bad

never knew that. but think about how many songs have the same name. I can name at tleast a couple songs called It's So Easy and a lot called patience all with different lyrics plus all mine are instrumental save for the black sabbath vocal sample

edit: Ill upload to rapidshare this time.

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