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Bob Dylan playing guitar live again

Revolver Paul

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Bob Dylan kicked off his new tour in Stockholm, Sweden tonight. I've read reports that he's playing guitar for the first half of the set.


Pretty cool setlist, however it says he only plays 2 songs on guitar. I've read eyewitness's on a Dylan forum saying he played 7 songs on guitar before finishing the set on the keyboard. This might not be very interesting to most people but I was quite suprised as when he stopped playing guitar live a few years ago it was rumoured it was due to arthritic pain in his fingers. Hope he keeps playing guitar for the rest of the tour.

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He played guitar for 3 or 4 songs then he went back to the stupid keyboard. you really could tell it was a long time since held a guitar. none the less it was cool to see B)

He had alot of trouble doing his classics justice but the new songs sounded really good :)

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