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L.A.M.F - Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers


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and no one fucking aknowledges this. anyone heard this album? its an absolute classic, every single song on it is a fucking gem. but alas since Johnny et al were a bunch of junkies there were production problems and the mix was 'muddy' but even then, with all the different versions of it out there, every single song is a stand out track, the music just shines through on it, i wish more people had heard of it.

"One Track Mind" (Walter Lure/Jerry Nolan)

a wicked little energetic track with all this like, drug hinting in it, nihilistic but totally energetic which brings it up

"I Wanna Be Loved"

typical johnny thunders love song only with a lotta bounce.

"Pirate Love"

one of the greatest guitar riffs to come outta rock n roll. johnny later said he stole it from Bad Company but it works SO well!

"Let Go" (Johnny Thunders/Jerry Nolan)

vaguely misogynist track with johnny bemoaning the fact that girls dont put out enough :lol:

"Do You Love Me?" (Berry Gordy, Jr.)

brilliant cover of a classic track. shows johnny obssession with the 50s/doo wop/girl group songs

"Can't Keep My Eyes On You" (Walter Lure/Jerry Nolan)

another 'talkin' bout her' song really cool tho. changed in live version to "Can't Keep My Cock In You' classy johnny!

"Get Off The Phone" (Walter Lure/Jerry Nolan)

gotta hear it to believe it, cool riff

"All By Myself" (Walter Lure/Jerry Nolan)

like most of this album, the live versions are infinitely better because of the whole muddy mix thing but this song, u really see it potential when they did it live, REALLY cool lyrics courtesy of Walter Lure, that nihilist touch again but done with a suave touch which raises it

"Chinese Rocks" (Dee Dee Ramone/Richard Hell)

An absolute fucking anthem of a song!! i think done better than the ramones version because its not so fast and it dwell on that chunky riff and also more relevant for Johnny and the boys cuz they actually were all junkies and living that awful existence. written by two of the greats of the new york punk scene.

"Baby Talk"

REALLY catchy tune with that machine gun fire drumming roll which makes it totally tasty.

"Goin' Steady"

same kinda vein as can't keep my eyes on you, funky little track

"It's Not Enough"

a bluesy masterpiece of a song, its so fucking sad when u apply it to johnnys life and see how he ended up, tragic fucking song, almost Dylanesque in a way and johnny was to later cover dylan extensively on accoustic sets with Like A Rolling Stone and Joey Joey Joey.

"I Love You"

brilliant little love song, really rocks, totally simple and totally cool

"Born Too Loose" (aka "Born to Lose")

it is positively criminal that this song is not a punk rock anthem on the level of anarchy or sheena is a punk rocker or White Riot. a brilliant song that, truly speaking, u can't get much better than. (seems all our heroes were born to lose huh axl? ;) )

So yeah, what am i tryin to say? brilliant album!!! i urge u with all i have to go check this out and dont be put off by the punk thing cuz all the heartbreakers really were was a stones-influenced rock band. they just happened into the punk movement because Johnny used to be in the new york dolls (whom i pretty much percieve as a straight ahead rock n roll band too). all these songs come off much better on live versions because of the aforementioned bad mixing and also because Johnny and the boys played so hard live. its one of those totemic albums which i think rates up there with rock n rolls best, the songs on it are THAT good :) even amongst guns n roses fans this band arent so well known which is weird cuz Johnny is Duffs fuckin guru (ever notice L.A.M.F on their amps?) not to mention the spaghetti incident tribute that duff did. So Fine was even dedicated to Johnny, sounded like somethin Johnny'd write too, as u'll find by his later output, he was quite the soulful fella. for a brief history of the chequered past of this GREAT album (i throw that word around a lot but this REALLY is) click below


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This album is really fuckin' great, close to amazing. But then I'm a Johnny Thunders fan so I'm probably not that objective. I haven't heard the original release only the Lost '77 mixes and revisited which both are great. And like frankwhite said, they don't really sound like a punk band but more like a kickass rock band. I agree that the Heartbreakers version of Chinese Rocks is better than the Ramones's (which still is great), together with Born To Lose the best songs on this great album.

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