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someone help


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my friend just asked me if i knew a song thats been buggin him, now its buggin me LOL

aparently its like late 80's early 90's..the video is quite dark (as in colour) and has the lyrics "i just wna show you how much i care" in, not 100% sure though...sorry!

he also said theres two people in the video with just an acoustic guitar...he said they look like brothers

can anyone help?


*more info*

the video is in a recording studio, and theyve got pony tails aparently???

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No problem man.

I don't even know why I knew this, since that line isn't even in the song. But for some reason this was the first song I thought of and the clip matched your description.

lol yeh i listened to it and actualy didnt hear the line, bit of a cheesy song i'd say!

cheers again though, proper buggin me that was


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