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For anyone thats interested (which is probably nobody, however my mind will be at ease if i post this!), we've put two new songs up (Minty + Loosly Round), including a song thats a lot more rocky that may be appreciated here more. sorry to bother you if you dont like it. feedback as always, would be much appreicated if anyone has the time.

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i took the song down and re-uploaded it as its been completely mixed anew making it almost a new song but not quite.

feedback as always welcome, especially in light of this increasing monolouge-esq thread!

heres the link for those not being bothered to scroll upwards:


the song is called kicks and thrills. thanks.

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sleep in my eye and minty (the songs previously alluded) weren't on the site...

but I gave those two that were on there a listen and Kicks n' Thrills has some very nice musical work, it had been going on for about a minute and a half before the singer kicked in so I thought it would be an instrumental piece, which I think I personally would've preferred since the singing kinda ruined it for me, re-writing the melody or just having a guitar solo in the melody already written instead of singing would work better for me personally.

My Head shows though that the singer isn't as annoying as I thought he was during KnT, My Head is actually a pretty good song altough the drums were the problem for me, kinda flat drumsound as if it's made in a computer or something, parts of the vocals might be recorded a bit better perhaps..?

sorry if I sound harsh cause I'm really not trying too.. just saying my personal opinion, but except for what I critisised these were pretty damn good songs and I can't say that I would rather have my 8-9 minutes back because listening to those songs were an time well spent, congrats :D

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Thanks very much for taking the time to listen through to the songs Veronica and Revolver! It's appreciated more than lots of appreciation! Feedback is always fantastic because you can actually change things to make things better.

Sorry about the false advertising with the songs Revolver - but this thread is pretty old, and as we havent been playing music for long, the complexity of the songs is growing pretty quickly - so those old songs sound almost childish by comparison!

You're not being harsh at all either! I like the idea for K&T, and will definatly have a try replacing the vocals with guitar, just to see how it fits. I'm not really a fan of the vocals on it either and feel sometimes they feel out of place with the tone of the music.

My head is gonna be changed soon as we've recently discovered editing, and i love trying to make htings better - so it'll be re-done and the vocals which are at best sketchy, will be completely re-recorded and mixed. Hahah! Good call on the drums - they're completely computer generated!

Anyway, thanks for the kind words again, and thanks for listening!

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theres a new song up thats meant to be about a couple of inept robbers. its called goldmine, and as always feedback would be more welcome than a kick in the crotch, but admittedly less welcome than a new bike. however its a good thing, so if you have the time and the patience to humour, then please do!

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