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Happy birthday Joey


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Oh, are you a slipknot fan?

naw, cant stand 'em.. (hopefully you can see the a.k.a bullshit at the end of that)..

and lets not hope it's his last birthday as a slipknot member, and i'm pretty sure it wont as next year about this time he'll either be just releasing another album with slipknot, or they'll be on tour and i'll be wtcahing every show I can make.. I'm so fuckin excited..

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it will definately be their last album an tour, which will be good as that equals more stone sour

I doubt you can say this will for sure be the last album, as the demand for more slipknot will always be there, and I think the member's will always feel that need to go back to where they came from... The words thar Corey said, was "there's ATLEAST one more album", meaning that there is for sure, one more labum, but nothing else has been talked about, leaving the options open, probably more than likely for the fans, if we want it, which we do, there could be another album.. and I'd much rather have more slipknot that stonesour..

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