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Capital Punishment - Big Pun


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Super Lyrical

Deep Cover 98


glamour life

dream shatterer

you aint a killer

these are fuckin incredible tracks. this guys flow is up there with Biggie Smalls, i seriously seriously SERIOUSLY think that the guy coulda been, no fuck coulda, he WAS one of the best of ALL time, its such a shame he died he was lyrically just incredible, i can't believe how underrated this album is, its such a disservice to this immense talent. this is like one of those immense hip hop albums like lifestyles ov da poor and dangerous, all eyez on me, paid in full, the great adventures of slick rick, am i black enough for ya, ready to die and the slim shady LP that will stand the test of time i think for years to come. unlike people like Big L who had to rely expressly on their lyricism on some tracks cuz the production was generic, the whole rig on this album is REALLY hot. i urge you to check it out if u haven't.

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