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Defecation,great death/grind metal band with great lyrics

Gallagher Rose

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Fantastic and forgotten band..some lyrics for you

Life On Planet Earth Is Fucken Cancerous

So much shit is cancer causing

Do what you want without pausing

Another fucken toxic spill

How many people will it kill?

They keep it hidden from the press

We don't know it but we're in distress

Another fucken nuclear test

Then we breathe it through our chests

To this we've been exposed for years

It's no surprise to me

It's affecting everyone

But people are too dumb to see

So many things can fuck me up

That i don't give a shit

I'll live my life the way i want

And nothing's gonna make me quit

Radon comes from underground

For years we never heard a sound

What's the next thing to be found?

How long will i be around?

Vestige Of Earthly Remains

Decline of the human empire

Mans existence has expired

Disintegration in a flash of light

Wreckage is waht is left in sight

The scars of life are left behind

What has happened to mankind?

Now our world is left in rubble

We should have known we were in trouble

Vestiges and decay

The earth is left this way

Ashes the only trace

Now a lonely place

Shifting through remains

Nothing here to gain

Lifeless barren zone

And i'm left here alone

Human life is overthrown

Look at what i once called home

This planet seen is left demolished

Entity is now abolished

Elimination we have achieved

From from the power of mans greed

Ruins here and that is it

Earth is left a pile of shit

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