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Grunge is dead

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Guest Satanisk_Slakt

I visited my sister today, and looked through her cd collection and found this cd. I was just wondering, is it a bootleg cd? with demos? Anyways, it's pretty damn good, even if the soundquality isn't the best! rock3

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i love that nirvana had so many demos and different versions of everything. do you have the boxset?

i recently received a cd called "hormoning" it was an lp that they sold at australlian concerts, it kicks ass even though i heard all the songs already ;)

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it's really astounding how prolific cobain was. he really only wrote from 87-93, and for every good song on their albums there are 2 that weren't. he was really great at writing on an acoustic with his voice, which is why he was able to make a hideous style of music like grunge work for him.......

For the record, Alice in Chains did pretty well making that " hideous style of music" work pretty good too...........

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