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just got a DVD from a friend of mine with some vid's and some live footage and was watching it this morning. I used to be really big into 'em, but kinda gravitated away from 'em when lost and found came out, but I was listening to fucking determined, and chad's vocal's haven't went away unless he's just using a shit load of FX, which may be the case on that song.. but his melody has improved also, I think he doesn't get the credit he should for being as versatile, and talented as most, or more than other's.. I think he write's, or used to write the songs.. prolly a bit of everybody.. but He wrote under my skin.. which has a little bit of everything that a music fan could ask for.. he rap's a little, sings a little, screams a lot.. it's awesome.. the Bassist is just out of this world.. i've never heard anybody play like him.. he's double jointed, which i'm sure does more than help..lol.. but his ability to play so many different style's of music, and even tie them into a song and be meaningful, and not just trying to show out is more than impressive... the guitar player is very talented, but you don;t really pay much attention to him because of the bass player.. and the music is very bass guitar, or well, let me stop.. it was, the shit fro LD 50, like dig and under my skin and alot of other's I cant think of right now.. but the newer music is more, like metal.. it's guitar and drum driven, the bass player plays bass, he doesn't run things as much as he used to... and the drummer.. I mean... just listen to him... his style of off-beat out of rhythm almost, perfect sloppyness is just awesome.. it's so technical and every smallest detail, and beat ties together almost.. it's unbelievable.. He may not be one of the fastest one's, but he is definitely one of the very best.. his technicality and like I said, just all you can really say is precision on the drum's is just.. mind blowing.. it will rank him up there with, Neil Pert, John Bonhom, and Keith Moon as time goes on, his rank will move up.. I think if you listen to all of the music before lost and found you'll know what i'm talkin about.. Matt is just so badass.. I think if the band'll go back to what they were doing, but keeping it progressive, they'll be one of the greatest band's of all time maybe.. It's not like anything else.. they're not your average "harder than hardcore" like metal band.. they're melodic, they mix up their sounds, the album it' self is like a journey through music.. each song will change to different style's, but not so much that you're like what the fuck is that.. it stays with in itself, but still able to reach out of what you expect.. perfect example is nothing to gein, it's alittle melody, then some funk, and some metal and back around again.. in one song.. and the albums are just like that.. death blooms is a very deep song about suicide and death of course, but in a , poetic way.. they're not one of those i'll smash your face bands, but they offer confidence and finding strength with-in, instead of relying on other's.. Are their any fans here? Or anybody heard 'em? I mean I could be wrong, but I think they're awesome and a very tight band musically and if you like something a little different, but not slipknot.. you'll like this band.. they offer some hard mixed with some melody.. not really a lot of solo's from the guitar, but very intricate work... may not be your cup of tea.. but I haven't seen any postings about 'em, maybe a mention here or there, thought i'd ask about 'em, share 'em if you haven't heard 'em, suggest you check 'em out if you like music... I cant say they're really metal, cause even though they come off as metal.. they vary so much it's hard to call 'em just metal.. let me know what u think

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