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Wich modern songs would you reccomend?

highway blues

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Hey , i was intrested to explore the modern genre of hard rock

im 16 , trying to become a musician so i wana explore all territoreys(except spelling)

i basically coverd many gneres , BUT im not too literate when it comes to modern hard rock

can someone ehre point me out to the best songs/bands who are modernized out there?


P.s ozzzy's new single is killer(that heavy beat sounds like the 26 sorry leak ina way)

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as in 1990's and beyond

the white stripes , ive heard good things , ima try em thx

Queens of the stone age are just terrible , i mean there songs are mediocre and so is the production

it just lacks potential

wolfmother's album is great

so is ozzy's new single!

QOTSA, you either love em or hate em. i really love the low production sound to them, they sound competely different to any other rock band out there.

definately download daisy by white stripes.

if you want rock from 90s onwards download some of NIN's more "rock" songs, cos they still blow the arse off the majority of shit today.

but if u like ozzys new song im not sure whatll float your boat....

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Guest Satanisk_Slakt

Stratovarius. They've released some good shit last years. But they are from the 90s.

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