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Free non-destructive partition software(yay ubuntu)


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Its always dangerous to partition a drive that has data on it but I've had good luck with this:


Download the .iso file and burn it as an image file with nero or something. Then boot into it.

Don't worry its easy to use and all graphical.

I would still make back ups of your data before doing this though.

Oh and make sure you defrag before using it as well.

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And if you're wondering my dual boot worked successfully after some minor setbacks with installing Ubuntu... but it works now ! ^_^


Okay I've had to do updates and I got a version xxxx.15 (x server didnt work) and version xxxx.16 (i fixed the x server on this one) on the choose your OS menu. Is there any way to get rid of the xxx.15 one?

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Why would you partition your computer? Wouldn't having 2 OS's just make it harder to use...?

No. I like programming in linux and I need it for a class next semester anyways. Visual Studio has been working for me, but I like and am more used to GCC as its awesome. Plus Qt is FREE on linux


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