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well i've asked people before whether they know dokken and most people didnt know them. the music store i went to didnt have any of the cd's

i thought they would be really famous because they did the nightmare on elm street song and were under most popular hair metal badns on the internet...

does anyone here know them?

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Dokken was in heavy rotation for me in my teenage years. i don't listen to them much now, but i still have all the old cd's. i break 'em out every now and then and rock out to 'em. i really like "Tooth And Nail" and "Under Lock And Key". alot of people think that "Back For The Attack" is their best album, but i don't. it's got some cool songs though like "Prisoner" and "Heaven Sent". George Lynch was a real influence on my guitar playing when i was younger.

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didint break it big? lol there last 3 albums in the 80's sold about 3 mil each in the us

there total career span , theyv sold around 17-20milion albums worldwide.

in the rock scene, they were one of those bands that most people liked but they were never anybody's favorite band. they were like the greatest opening band of the 80's. never a solid arena headliner, although the record sales were very strong. not an "active" fan base. they were always in the shadow of Motley Crue, really.

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I enjoyed meeting the band back in the 90s. (They autographed my Under Lock and Key record sleeve) It was a small club show , and my friend and I got there real early , and caught them outside in the back of the club.I also remember seeing them in the Monsters of Rock Tour at Joe Robbie Stadium , and it poured the rain just about their whole set , but they were champs and still pulled off a great show. I like some of their newer stuff like "Erase the Slate" with Reb Beach on guitar. Great cover of the classic rock song "One" (by Three Dog Night).

Don Dokken and Mick Brown are the only originals left , I believe their most recent album "Hell to Pay" (2004) has Jon Levin (guitar) and Barry Sparks (bass). I think the song "Prozac Nation" is a cool song.

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