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I'm trying to change my current profile picture but in my attempt to do such- my old picture is still there.

My desired profile picture is succesfully uploaded and is shown as my Currently Used Photo {in my controls} - but once I view my profile, the picture has not been updated.

My steps were as follows:

I went to "My Controls" and clicked on "Change Personal Photo"

I chose my file- it followed all Forum Rules and is shown as my Currently Used Photo only in my controls.

Everything seems to be fine but when I actually click on my profile to view my picture- it has not been changed.

I have tried updating my old picture several times- as many times as it appears succesful and I wait for a span of about 24 hours; my old picture is still the same on my profile and my desired picture is still not put up there.

I was just wondering if there is anything I could do to have it show up-

If not, it's alright- doesn't really make a difference. But if anybody can help me- I would be most grateful.

Thanks in advance.


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