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a little sign in question


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hey. i was just wondering how i sign out without it signing me back in automatically when i go to this page again? i usually go here from university, but now i'm not that eager to because i'll sign out, then if i reopen the page i'm actually signed in again, so i have to keep repeating this for a while, until it caves in. also, it's happened twice that i went to the page and other people were actually signed in, so it's not just my account, but the computer. so can i fix this even though i don't have an administrator account on the computer? ...i'm not very technology oriented. :confused:

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Signing out should be sufficient.

If not, then follow those instructions:

1) Go to the main Forum page (www.mygnrforum.com)

2) At the bottom right of the page, "Delete cookies set by this board"

3) Delete the temporary internet files in your browser. For internet Explorer: Internet Explorer (TOOLS - INTERNET OPTIONS - GENERAL - DELETE FILES)

4) Restart your computer

5) Log on the Forum, you'll need your username and password

6) The problem will now be fixed!

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