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Where do you buy your guitars?

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I was just wondering. Im currently looking for a new axe, which is gonna be a Gibson SG with p90's.

Hopefully it will be a Pete Townshend signature modell, but they seem hard to get.

Since I live in Europe, I was looking for US sites where to buy secondhand or new guitars.

Musiciansfriend.com and music123.com don't ship Gibson everseas. Ebay is an option, but

I need more options to get a hold of this beatuy. :)


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Well, Thomann of course ;-)

It's the biggest shop in Europe, it's in Germany, and some guitars sold there are like a 100€ cheaper than anywhere else, but it depends on the model you want and it has changed in the past months. Still, Thomann.de is where you want to go, you can also buy other instruments, or amps, guitar effects etc !

Good luck !

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