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  1. What did Fallon mean when he said they are 'taking requests'?
  2. On the positive he aint looking bloated just plain fat which can be worked on. I guess.
  3. I might be wrong but havent TB been milking the old logo all along for belt buckles, tote bags and whatever else? Why now just because its the lead logo on the website is it a big deal? All other things aside?
  4. BREAKING: Scott Weiland dead

    Any tweets from Axl bout this?
  5. Disappointing that Axl hasnt lived up to his words of not being in this lifetime if true.
  6. CDII? I agree you can't polish a turd but you can certainly sprinkle some glitter on it.
  7. DJ Ashba quits Guns N' Roses

    OMG... LMFAO...Looking at that would do great things for my stamina.
  8. Dear Fermanager,

    Dear Fernando, did you ever see that picture of the transvestite and did you and Axl get a chuckle from it? Thanks for bringing the show to Australia a few times now, it would be great if it could be changed up a bit next time round. Thanks.
  9. DJ Ashba quits Guns N' Roses

    So realistically the chances of this band producing any new music in this lifetime are somewhere between 'slim' and 'fuck all'?
  10. Whos the other bloke in the photo?