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  1. I have it on my page, so sue me
  2. GNR needs more energy

  3. Invent a cool GN'R song title

    "The Silver Toungues" "SOON" "Thunder N' Lightning"
  4. Video Campaing #WeWantGNRinRIR2011

    Awesime, Great initiatiive

  6. Anyone else want to hear Axl on a real blues track?

    Still got the blues by Gary Moore or somethingby Janis Joplin would be also cool
  7. GNR fans should be proud

    Signed for me and the Staff of GNR- International.com
  8. Do you want the songs to leak?

    Its Guns N' Roses Music they should decide when and how to release it So NO
  9. Do we really want leaks?

    I dont.
  10. If it was really about money for Axl....

    I think its more about the Artist integrity, and The artist vision. with Axl Rose. Its about getting his message across no matter how hard it is. Victory or Death comes to mind
  11. Guns N' Roses Trademarks

    I used to be in quite a few cover bands and not once did we had to pay a cent, we did had to pay to the musicians Syndicate lol
  12. Axl Rose = Rock Music's George Lucas?

    I love both of them, The art of both of them has shaped my life and been part of my growing up. And I still consider myself a big fan of both of them, and while I might not Love single thing and decition they have made I can totaly respect the way they have both stuck to their vision and love their global view of their histories. When I first saw the phantom menace I didnt think much of it And I had been waiting for it since the Return of The Jedi debuted back in the 80's ... Later I saw the other two movies and understood more what phantom was about in the whole saga and with that in mind I enjoy the whole story quite a bit (I still hate Jar Jar Binks lol) With Axl It kind of happened in a similar way, first I heard of him and gusn again was a video on youtube of VMA 02 and well I didnt like it so much, mainly cuase my mind wasnt ready yet to not see Duff and Slash and see some other guys which didnt look like the old guns I knew..Now with what I have seen in Chinese Democracy and the band as it is now with their last tour I can see how those long years were steps to help grow up a band that had quite a powerfull and rough upbringing and I love it.. every part of it. The history and Story of Guns N' Roses gets richer every pasing year and I cant wait for the next chapter- I liked the topic thanks for it Indigo
  13. The GN'R writing process

    Not sure how the Chinese Democracy songs came about they seem to have so many levels to me that its hard to put into a clear Idea on how they came about this does come to mind "This melody inside of me, still searches for solution" Now to the band that was on stage 09-2010 I have some weird feeling that the jams that happen in the band have something to do with that process for example I can imagine something like this Tommy: Hey Dizzy I liked that effect you did on the jam for the new song Dizzy: Yea I got the idea from that Riff that Richard was doing or Frank: Im going to try a new tempo for this part (then tommy ads something to the base line for it) While Axl comes up with some melodies for the voice that they later work on their rooms or when they have some down time and work on the song.
  14. You are invited to chat with DJ Ashba @haunted mansion

    Hey Gunsguy good to see you bro This one from Angeles And this is bit of Text miriana: more than one PATRICIA BRITO -BRASIL: TALK DJ Dj ASHBAª: SKINNY DIPPING! FHMBrasil: cAN´T SEE YOU dj Renata: Thanks so much for coming DJ xKiah: WOO. Faridbak: Hey Dj how is it going are we havign fun yet?? Yvonne: hi DJ MARCE-ashbalandARG: hiii Dj ASHBAª: im having a blast Nicky Whelan: the movie was hepas of fun thanku very cool people MARCE-ashbalandARG: dj FHMBrasil: Are coming with Crue Fest to Brasil? PATRICIA BRITO -BRASIL: ME TOO HaVoCKcAsHbAROx7969: nice PATRICIA BRITO -BRASIL: AWWWWWWW irishjenny: so cool that Dj likes your hat, Mel HelenLuna: can I get naked, DJ? MARCE-ashbalandARG: where are you? Laura: when you come back to Spain ? Mélanie: we are the olf fan jenny dj gnr community GNR RIR 2011: DJ PATRICIA BRITO -BRASIL: SO NICE TO SEE YOU HERE LALU ashbaland argentina: DJ SAY HI Malcolm: ASHBA WHEN U GUYS WILL BE ON MY GNER FORUM AGAIN? PATRICIA BRITO -BRASIL: AWWWWWWWWWW dj gnr community GNR RIR 2011: TELL ME ABOUT YOUR HAT Yvonne: we're glad that you're having a blast DJ dj gnr community GNR RIR 2011: I WISH IT Dj ASHBAª: EVERYONE STRIP DOWN Dj ASHBAª: ha HaVoCKcAsHbAROx7969: !i gotta admit I'm a haunted mansion virgin!! I am lovin it dj gnr community GNR RIR 2011: BUT I DO NOT FIND TO BUY Mélanie: again Faridbak: I cant im wearing myskin n bones FHMBrasil: IWANNA SEE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Renata: Ashba I'm here awake till so late becouse you're the best FHMBrasil: WHERE ARE YOU? LALU ashbaland argentina: LOVE YOU miriana: luv ya PATRICIA BRITO -BRASIL: DJJJJJJJ MARCE-ashbalandARG: i see you HaVoCKcAsHbAROx7969: yeah jack doesnt' get naked unless sally's around MARCE-ashbalandARG: I LOVE YOU! FHMBrasil: MY FIRST TIME HERE!! LOVING IT! Faridbak: Any plans on Visiting Mexico anytime? HelenLuna: someone give me legs, I can't take off mine!!!!!!!! PATRICIA BRITO -BRASIL: HOW WAS THE GOLDEN GLOBES ???? Eder GNR IN ROCK IN RIO 2011!: Ashba, how do you feel playing in a band like gnr? Renata: What about A. F.U.? GabrielToscano| Cmm GNR|: Dj, Wonder is great, I will make a cover! HaVoCKcAsHbAROx7969: Damn nicky i don't got my dollars hold on!! xKiah: Niiiice Nicky! irishjenny: is there any other artist you would love to work with, DJ? GabrielToscano| Cmm GNR|: and show to u HelenLuna: HEY FARID!! MARCE-ashbalandARG: HOW ARE YOU DJ??? GabrielToscano| Cmm GNR|: ok? Eder GNR IN ROCK IN RIO 2011!: how do you feel playing in a band like gnr? Nicky Whelan: i got a slutty bikini on hahah FHMBrasil: ARE COMING WITH CRUE FEST TO BRASIL??? Dj ASHBAª: I LOVE PLAYING IN GNR Eder GNR IN ROCK IN RIO 2011!: google tradutor fail Dj ASHBAª: I AM BLESSED LALU ashbaland argentina: COME TO ARG THIS YEAR PLEASE HaVoCKcAsHbAROx7969: ASHBA i think you're going to have a good night your babes already getting down and dirty HelenLuna: your bikini rocks Renata: You're the best in GNR Yvonne: yes you are Dj ASHBAª: done know about cruefest yet MARCE-ashbalandARG: WE LOVE YOU dj gnr community GNR RIR 2011: Where do we find your hat to buy? Will sell on your website? * Faridbak * Any plans on visiting mexico in the future? Renata: Love you and AXL Dj ASHBAª: wheres all the swim suits? Malcolm: MAN IM JUST A CIRCLE HaVoCKcAsHbAROx7969: i think you guys should try out the new stuff on Bamboozle pretty pretty pretty please? HaVoCKcAsHbAROx7969: lol Malcolm: I CANT PUT SWIM SUITS irishjenny: for you, Nicky Yvonne: haha Yvonne: xD Renata: Yes, I read it on Twitter Faridbak: im wearing a bodysuit lolk dj gnr community GNR RIR 2011: Where do we find your hat to buy? Will sell on your website? MARCE-ashbalandARG: THANK FOR THE MUSIC....YOURMUSIC Eder GNR IN ROCK IN RIO 2011!: Dj, could you repeat the phrase you told me to write here? LALU ashbaland argentina: YOURE UNIQUE HaVoCKcAsHbAROx7969: !THEE HAT is epic Dj ASHBAª: LMFAO! sorry noodle dj gnr community GNR RIR 2011: Where do we find your hat to buy? Will sell on your website? Nicky Whelan: i cant control his button things HaVoCKcAsHbAROx7969: Hey Nicky and ASHBA you guys need a min??? Dj ASHBAª: My hat is custom made and not for sell Nicky Whelan: they are hysterical Renata: Thanks for all the love Ashba! Malcolm: ITS OK Dj ASHBAª: sorry ;( LALU ashbaland argentina: ASHBITA HaVoCKcAsHbAROx7969: thats okay you should be the only one rockin that out anyways dj gnr community GNR RIR 2011: What? Dj ASHBAª: thx PATRICIA BRITO -BRASIL: I'M THRILLED CAUSE YOU'RE HERE.......... Yvonne: we all like your style DJ MARCE-ashbalandARG: YOU'RE THE BETS MARCE-ashbalandARG: HA Mélanie: i lose my arm Dj ASHBAª: im thrilled to be here Faridbak: im glad some othe rpeople would sell their underware if they could PATRICIA BRITO -BRASIL: AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Faridbak: ooops Dj ASHBAª: i miss this fuckin house LALU ashbaland argentina: ASHBITA miriana: I'm speachless HaVoCKcAsHbAROx7969: I love your jeans you get them at forgotten saints right?? GabrielToscano| Cmm GNR|: Dj, wonder is great, i'll do a cover and show u later ok? dj gnr community GNR RIR 2011: Where do we find your hat to buy? Will sell on your website? HelenLuna: it's been a while since last chat PATRICIA BRITO -BRASIL: WE MISSED YOU HERE Dj ASHBAª: SO LISTEN UP: Yvonne: we are more thrilled .. believe us irishjenny: Dj can I share the release date of the new sixx am album with the other on twitter? Eder GNR IN ROCK IN RIO 2011!: DJ, how does it feel to perform on stage? Dj ASHBAª: HERES SOME COOL NEWS: MARCE-ashbalandARG: WE MISS YOU . IN ARGENTINA Faridbak: great Renata: Lets hear LALU ashbaland argentina: I AGREE HaVoCKcAsHbAROx7969: listening PATRICIA BRITO -BRASIL: AWWWWWW xKiah: Let's hear it. =] HelenLuna: shhhh PATRICIA BRITO -BRASIL: YOU'RE SO SWEET PATRICIA BRITO -BRASIL: THX FOR EVERYTHING LALU ashbaland argentina: ASHBI ME MISS YOU AWWWWW Malcolm: OK TELL US PATRICIA BRITO -BRASIL: YOU MEANS A LOT TO ME !!! LALU ashbaland argentina: WE MISS YOU Dj ASHBAª: I am building a webcam show ASHBALAND Live from The Haunted Mansion LALU ashbaland argentina: YEAAHH HelenLuna: whoa! HaVoCKcAsHbAROx7969: thats' awesome!!! LALU ashbaland argentina: BAB Mélanie: cool xKiah: =o Excited! Faridbak: oh thats cool irishjenny: Missed you. Good to have you back in the Mansion PATRICIA BRITO -BRASIL: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Dj ASHBAª: We are going to turn this up a notch
  15. You are invited to chat with DJ Ashba @haunted mansion

    Nice Pics Bumblerose, Courtesy of GNR International by the way