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  1. The old Axl!

    Do you still have that VHS tape?
  2. Contracts

    Did Axl really think that they would get rid of him or was he more concerned with them out voting him on other issues?
  3. MSL been talkin shit but doesn't have a clue

    That's deplorable. Marc, anyone who is an actual GNR fan knows why you put this book out. MSL wants attention plain and simple.
  4. The old Axl!

    You're right. Thanks. Wonder if Axl still talks to him.
  5. Thoughts on the band, etc

    But Izzy left because of the drug abuse and Axl. So fingers can be pointed in multiple directions.
  6. The old Axl!

    Who is his friend in the video?
  7. Skwerl's GN'R Leak story

    Great article. Thanks for posting it. Nice to have the full version of events. I think he handled everything quite intelligently. I can't imagine how stressful that was for him. Skwerl
  8. The French music thread

    I haven't listened to a ton, but I really enjoy Vanessa Paradis. Her voice is beautiful.
  9. Your current relationship with Slash?

    He didn't imply that at all. If he would have thought you fell into that category he would have specifically addressed you. You're being quite silly.
  10. You have no proof Slash doesn't do this.
  11. Big bang

    I really enjoy it. Never understood why it got all the hate it does. There are countless shows that are so much worse.
  12. Best post ever. Thanks, Marc. Sorry people are attempting to cupcake this section.
  13. Taylor Swift

    What a well-informed statement.
  14. And we heard you all 301 times you've implied you're somehow better than anyone else and above it all, new guy who probably is a formerly banned member. Get a new shtick.
  15. Do we need to limit "likes" anymore?

    You can and I'm sure they would be more than welcome. It's the unnecessary digs that aren't. IIRC, I think people were bitching about it. Could be wrong though. I think JB's idea is great and should at least be looked into.