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  1. Ireland and Afghanistan test status. He is the list of countries achieving test status, England (founder member) 1909 Australia (founder member) 1909 South Africa (founder member) 1909 India 1926 New Zealand 1926 West Indies 1926 Pakistan 1952 Sri Lanka 1981 Zimbabwe 1992 Bangladesh 2000 Ireland 2017 Afghanistan 2017
  2. But wait! Didn't your own personally favourite bearded manhole obsessive Trot ''win'' the last election?
  3. Well my first reaction is always, ''there is a nutter talking to himself''. I bet you're the modern city man Dazey. I bet you have the landyard and walk around Manchester with a polystyrene cup of 'la-di-da' coffee and a copy of the Guardian tucked under your arm?
  4. The World Cup there should be fun.
  5. Everything is mobiley and credit cardy now. Have you seen people speak on their phones without putting the phone to their head? It is the weirdest thing ever seen.
  6. The youtube/Rose's vocals thing can be put to bed very easily, Also a Youtube video, also a phone clip yet with unmitigated rasp. End of argument.
  7. I remember one song i liked on Nine Lives, Taste of India I believe. The big single was very limp, Tyler singing about the colour pink!!
  8. Yes, there is. Good point. And there is a famous stud located at Celle nearby. (Founded by George II of Britain incidentally).
  9. I do not know but that is presumably the River Leine the horse is crossing. If I had to guess, she seems like a generic minor deity like a Naiad or (Rhine) Maiden. In Norse mythology there is also the myth of The Brook Horse which is this great white horse which appears near rivers and lakes when it is foggy, and upon which a rider cannot get off.
  10. Look away now ladies. There is a junk in the trunk.
  11. You have to remember that the Tories were not really aggressively capitalistic until Thatcherism. Hitherto, the Conservatives tended to be split between One Nationists on the left (e.g., Disraeli, Baldwin, Supermac, Ken Clarke) and the Cornerstone Group to the right, with the Eurosceptics/Europhiles causing a further division. Traditionally the Whigs/Liberals, the original enemy of the Tories, were the party of business, capitalism and 'the city' - if anything there existed a strong anti-capitalistic tendency in traditional Conservationism.
  12. You only have to listen to the people who've worked for the BBC themselves, – Peter Sissons, Former BBC News and Current Affairs presenter - Andrew Marr – Sir Antony Jay, former BBC producer and creator, inter alia, of “Yes, (Prime) Minister” – Justin Webb (pg. 66), Today presenter and former BBC North America editor
  13. I think it is a Saxon Steed, the heraldic animal of Lower Saxony.
  14. The BBC have a distinct left-wing bias. Watching their election coverage and the evident glee on the broadcasters' faces one would almost think that it was the Tories and not Labour who had lost a general election, trounced by 55 seats. There was also that television debate which consisted of six lefty candidates and an audience of angry lefties pelting abuse at Amber Rudd and the UKIP chap; never have I seen a more biased charade.
  15. Slash says the exact same thing after every show on that tweety silliness: ''kick ass crowd'' etc.