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  1. The Deadly Mantis (1978) Lau Gar Leung/David Chiang masterpiece. And a bunch of modern horror... Split A bit creaky like the majority of Shyamalan’s (post-Sixth Sense) work but not completely devoid of merits. The Visit Awful. One of the worst films I've ever seen. This is Shyamalan also. Avoid. The Witch Quite good. I liked the historicism of it, the costumes, etc.
  2. Macron is a Blairite
  3. According to the mail Calamity James is the latest to have a film released jerking his goalpost.
  4. I'd rather stick knitting needles in my eyes.
  5. I.e. acting like a politician.
  6. Yes, I heard. Did you see in the Haye/Bellew fight where Bellew sort of shoved him away when he came over to shout panegyrics in his ear?
  7. Two hot sweaty men in shorts, why did I ever doubt your passion for the sweet science?
  8. Oh bugger. Del James is eulogising it on tweeter. The fight has just plummeted in coolness stakes.
  9. Even Bellew is getting hyperbolic, comparing it to Foreman v Lyle.
  10. He'll not defeat my chap, Tyson,
  11. Eddie Hearn is such a sycophantic wanker. He is hanging around Joshua for a sexual favour
  12. I forgot to add almost. Great fight though.
  13. It is a war but Joshua is dead on his feet. Round 5 was like Hagler/Hearns
  14. At home on a dodgy stream
  15. Joshua's prefight thingy is a bit Apollo Ccreedesqe a la Rocky 4.