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  1. Prince 1958 - 2016

    What's wrong with liking Kiss? It's not one of my personal favorites, but certainly other fans can have an opinion. I know you're bummed right now and feeling a sense of loss, but that still doesn't give you the right to define who you think is a fan or who mator may nothave a clue. Iknow those songs you've mentioned, and I'm well aware of his genius,but The Beautiful Ones was and will always be MYPrince song. And for that person it was Kiss, and for someone else it's 1999 and so on. Who the fuck cares. There are millions of people in the world right now heartbroken, you ain't the only one.
  2. Official: Axl will join AC/DC for stadium tour/US dates

    I agree that they probably should have retired after Malcolm became ill, but in a selfish way I'm glad they didn't,because I got to see some of them again one more time. Now however with only Angus left, of course It's a totally different story. As for Brian struggling on the video, I didn't see that one and I'm not even doubting what you say is true,but again, coming from the point of view of GNR fans, it's just not a debate I can take seriously. We've got Bridge School, we've gotRio '11, hell, we've got entire years of shows with Axl struggling,and I doubt you'll find a compatible performance that awfulfrom Brian, a singer who is half deaf and 14 years older.
  3. 04/20/16 - Mexico City - Foro Sol

    I think we're all lucky we never saw it.
  4. Richard a bit overbearing?

    I like Fortus, and always enjoyed watching him with nuGuns much more than any of the other guitarists. He's animated, but it always came across genuine. Can't say I've even noticed him at all with Slash back however. Andmost of the videos I've seen don't really focus on him all that much.
  5. 04/20/16 - Mexico City - Foro Sol

    I did like hearing TWAT finally, but holy shit, no more CD songs in the setlist please. I know the weather was really bad at this show,but it's obvious the crowd in general still don'tdig these songs and never will, no need to keep forcing them on people. Like always they never fail to bring down the momentum of the shows.
  6. Prince 1958 - 2016

    Shocking and sad! Never got to see him in concert unfortunately. But such a talented performer and artist,he will be missed. I still listen to PurpleRain all the time,one of my favorite albums. This sucks. Too many deaths lately...
  7. This is probably true. Even their books weren't all that accurate, especially Slash's, but I think drugs had more to do with that than anything else. We'll get more of this story someday I'm sure, probably even afew versions of it.
  8. Official: Axl will join AC/DC for stadium tour/US dates

    I saw them in August at MetLife stadium. A 67 year old guy kept 50,000 people on their feet for 2 hours and rocked it as hard any concert I've been to, ever. Dude handled the setlist like the pro he's been for 36 years,doesn't leave the stage for wardrobe changes,doesn't bail on the solos, and I can honestly say I've never seen less than 100% at any of their concerts I've been to. His fans are loyal because he's always been loyal back, so c'mon,Ihave to laugh when I've seen a few people here talk about his voice, especially when it's comingfrom GNR fans.
  9. Comedian Donnie Baker has a message for Axl & AC/DC

    Ugh, thatoverdone redneck accent makes me want to jump out the window. But the line about what AC/DC stands for now ' AxlConstantly DestroysConcerts'did make me giggle.
  10. Official: Axl will join AC/DC for stadium tour/US dates

    Sorry, but If you think their core fans areunhappy now, see what happens if they have to drop songs like Thunderstruck, HellsBells and For Those Aboutto Rock from their setlist because the replacement singer can't handle them. Not gonna happen. It would be like dumping SCOM, WTTJ and PC because DJ couldn't play them. No, I'm sure Angus and their management are well aware at this point their decision to fire Brian was less than popular to put it mildly. If Axl can't handle the setlist then he shouldn't be there.
  11. Awww, where'sthe love Pitman used to get on here for all those super funky techno beats people used to gush about? Have they all suddenly become AC/ DC fans? Well, at least we'll always have Silkworms. Thanks Pitman. Thanks a lot.
  12. Official: Axl will join AC/DC for stadium tour/US dates

    It's funny considering they've gone 7-8 years between tours, but doing 3 shows a week is suddenly a problem. Andbringingup Brian's age when Angus is 61 himself just sounds hypocritical. They had to know that dropping Brian like this would cause a huge stir. And replacing him with someone as controversial as Axl would alienate so many of their fans. Brian is a class act for sure, but he's got nothing to lose at this point, I hope he goes on blast. Dementia IS hereditary...and noneof thisfeels right.
  13. Official: Axl will join AC/DC for stadium tour/US dates

    Right. AC/DC lost a huge chunk of their fan base just to play 20 more shows. What a royal fuck up.
  14. Official: Axl will join AC/DC for stadium tour/US dates

    People here defending Frank over Matt because the guy has been in the band for a 6 whole years, yet are obblivous to how AC/DC fans feel about someone coming in to replace Brian. I get that Angus isn't ready to let the band go, and I would personally hate to see the end of it myself,but there was a much better way to go about this imo.
  15. Official: Axl will join AC/DC for stadium tour/US dates

    Axl might do well for Axl, but he's not Brian. Just like nobody is Slash. Anyone who is a hardcore fan of any band has their reasons for liking them. You don't just replace that and expect there notto be some backlash and unhappy fans. Axl being hired as a replacement may justbe the biggest irony ever.