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  1. Agree, there's no problem with a stadium tour. People haven't seen Axl Slash and Duff perform together since '93. Of course tickets will sell. Guns, despite what Axl has done to it, is still a huge name in music culture. You can't attend any sporting event without hearing WTTJ or walk into a Hot Topic or Target and still not see their shirts on the rack. Classic rock stations play their songs daily. Their music videos have millions of hits on you tube. They're embedded in our pop culture that spans 2 and 3 generations. As long as they get some positive press and decent reviews, ie, Axl shows up at a decent time, no fucking hissy fits and riots, band sounds tight etc, it should be a pretty good ride.
  2. Slash knows anything he does with Axl is going to be temporary. Whether it's just a festival or some sort of a tour. He's not going to let this band go.
  3. Naming the next album CD2 would be sort of like naming your kid Adolf. Just a shitty idea. Not buying the "rumor" about Slash and Duff reworking CD songs either. Especially if the other "rumor" that Izzy is involved in writing with them. As if those guys need to to sit and listen to DJ licks. Nah, they're quite capable of coming up with their own Guns N Roses material.
  4. Shitman...made me laugh. I'm hoping his presence is meant to be more like a security blanket for Axl than anything else. It's not like he can ask Ashba to come back just to sit next to him for moral support ala Trunk interview. I imagine this is going to be very surreal for Axl. He's had Izzy on stage and Duff on stage, but had the comfort of being surrounded by all those other guys. He's going to look right and there's Duff. He's going to look left and there's Slash, it might be a little overwhelming.
  5. -I definitely see the difference , the problem is some people don't. And I've made a point, probably too many times now, that I wouldn't expect or want VR or Slash solo material played. Merely the songs the 3 of them were a part of creating together. An amazing catalog of material that is btw, which includes some of the most iconic songs in rock history, and that still, a quarter of a century later, appear on every major top 10 list and countdown, so I'm sort of confused that it's even a debate. -Duff joined Axl to fill in for Tommy. Did him a huge favor, and imo is probably most responsible for this semi reunion because of it. Since they were nuGuns shows I would expect nuGuns music be included. This festival is billed as a regrouping of the classic members. Totally different scenario. And I'm not sure why people think just because Duff played certain material Slash should do it too and like it. Really? If your friend jumped off a bridge..... well, you know the rest. -Sorum was always considered an employee, Slash and Duff weren't. But I do think he should get some consideration for playing on 3 albums and appearing in several videos. Certainly he did more for GnR music than Frank has. Personally, I loved how they handled it at the HOF with him and Steve. -There's no need for keyboards on any AFD songs anyway, so sure, let Dizzy sit on a bench. Him and Pitman can share one off stage. -Who is trying to accommodate every musician involved in the making of the albums? The regrouping specifically involves Slash Duff and Axl at this time according to the press release, therefore I don't see the issue with performing the music the 3 of them were involved in writing and recording. -I agree that CD is a GNR album as it was released under the GNR name. But again, Slash and Duff had nothing to do with it, so I still don't see the obligation for them to play any songs from it. They're not there to fill in for someone else, hired to replace a replacement, or as an employee of Axl in any capacity whatsoever. They performed as Guns n Roses at the HOF. No CD songs were played. Obviously Slash and Duff didn't really consider them to be necessary to represent the band. What they did do was represent the material they created while they were members. I don't t think this festival or any other potential shows should be any different. Whatever Axl did with the name after they left has nothing to do with them.
  6. Not to be pedantic here, but technically Slash, Duff and Axl are "regrouping", for this show at least. Slash and Duff aren't joining the band as replacement musicians or employees, but as former members. Surely people can see the difference? I think it's also worth mentioning they still own the rights to the songs they created while members of that band, unlike anyone else who has come and gone after them. So to compare them in a way to any other musician who has been a part of Guns post '97 by saying they should be prepared to play anything from the GnR catalog, doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. That's what those other guys were hired and paid to do. This isn't remotely the same thing. I would think the only thing they should really be prepared for, is playing the songs they wrote and recorded while they were still members of GNR. I don't understand the sense of obligation to perform songs they had nothing to do with.
  7. You obviously have me confused with someone else. I'm sure I've never uttered the words "Bon Jovi rocked the house" , though I do like them and have seen them in concert. I like a lot of different music and a lot of different bands. I assume most people do. I think it's funny though how it's got to be all or nothing with some people, especially GNR posters here for some odd reason. You can consider yourself a fan of a band, but if you don't love their entire catalog of material ever recorded and released, or if you don't agree with every decision made, that somehow makes you a hater and not a real fan. That's weird to me. CD is the best rock album in a long time? That's freakin hilarious, but ok, your opinion.
  8. There's little debate that CD is GNR material, It was released under the band name. It's not however, Slash and Duff material. My opinion is that they don't need to use any of it when there's more than enough iconic and beloved songs they could play together that they wrote and recorded during their tenure in the band. But that all remains to be seen. I believe Duff was pretty much in the process of setting this reunion up when he agreed to help Axl and appeared on his tour. Filing in for Tommy was a huge favor for Axl. He was cool with playing CD songs because it was part of what he had to do to get this ball rolling. Axl was pissed at both him and Slash for years, but he was always harder on Slash. He would leave the door slightly open for Duff, who I think finally took the opportunity and ran with it. Here's a quote everyone knows about that Axl gave to Del a few years back...."There's zero possibility of me having anything to do with Slash other than by ambush, and that wouldn't be pretty.... Slash either should not have been in Guns to begin with or should have left after Lies. In a nutshell, personally I consider him a cancer and better removed.... and the less anyone heard of him or his supporters, the better." So please, tell me more about fans being cunty and bitchy. There's a lot of people out there, fans who DO appreciate Slash's contributions to the band, people who feel that without him, Guns would never have reached the level of success the AFD lineup did and beyond. And on the back of his creativeness, Axl was able to continue under the band name and make money off of it. Now Axl was certainly entitled to his opinion of course, but let's not put double standards on the fans, who are just as entitled to their own. As for other bands, I have to admit ignorance. I don't know all the inner workings of most of them the way I do Guns. I wouldn't use NIN as any sort of comparison though. There's never been a doubt that's always been Trent's band. That's not always been the case with GNR. There are still people out there who remember what it was like in the beginning. It was a collective, a brotherhood, and never just about one guy. It's sort of morphed into that over the years, "last man standing" , "surviving this war" yada yada, but there will always be dedicated fans of that classic band as a whole, people who realize their dynamic is not something that can be replaced for any price or with any amount of supposed technical ability. It was special.
  9. It's kind of crazy, isn't it?! There are posters on here I've never seen before, debating other posters who have been pro -reunion for years. WTF? I've wanted a reunion since Slash left the band, I've wasted over a decade posting about it and being told stop living in the past, called a mullet head, and had "he's a cancer", "not in this lifetime" and "get on board or fuck off" quotes thrown at me constantly. And now that something is in the works, but I'm not necessarily thrilled about various speculation flying about, I've unknowingly become a hater. That's some funny shit.
  10. You mean musicians in their 40's were technically better at playing songs written by musicians who were in their 20's? Wow, mind blown. Maybe the next crew of mid life replacements can try and write just one song that more than a few dozen people give a shit about or that radio stations would actually want to play.
  11. Before Slash's comments in July, the possibility of a reunion was slim to none. Since this band has a long history of fucking things up, I don't know why people are surprised that others are expressing some level of disappointment. I don't share the same sentiments of some who think sense and reason somehow equate to Slash and Duff on stage with Pitman playing songs they had nothing to do with, especially when you take into consideration they have more than enough iconic material of their own. If Axl wants to tour after this with more hired help no one has heard of just so he can play 3 or 4 of his CD songs then so be it. Just as I would expect Slash would want to go back on tour with Myles and play his solo stuff. As much as I love the song, I wouldn't want to hear Anastasia at this gig or any others they may do, so why would I care about hearing Better. There's a time and a place to play anything they've done on their own, I don't see a reunion as being either of them. CD represents a period of heartache, lawsuits, negativity and animosity between the old members, as well as years of arguing between nu fans vs old fans. This rejoining should be a celebration of the work they accomplished when they were together, playing the songs they wrote and recorded that propelled them from nothingness to one of the biggest legendary bands in the world. CD had zero to do with any of that, there's no reason it should be represented at this type of show.
  12. Back in 2010 NuGNR were playing 8+ CD songs on the tour. By 2014 that number was down to about 3 or 4. Right or wrong it gave the impression that even Axl wasn't interested in playing those tunes anymore. I also don't recall anyone protesting the lack of CD material, even on here where those songs get the most attention., it was discussed but there was hardly an uproar. With what I assume is confirmation that Pitman will be a part of this rejoining thing, it appears most likely there will be some CD played. I'm sure there will be a small group of people happy about this, as there has always been a small group at NuGuns shows happy about it. Overall, I think it's unfortunate and will be a downer for the majority who have followed this band since the AFD days and never gave up on their hope for a reunion. Are we really trying to pointlessly debate that more diehard fans have wanted a reunion all this time so they could see Axl, Duff and Slash play SOD as opposed to seeing them play WTTJ? I think not. I'm very happy btw that at the very least, these 3 guys will be on stage again. I just think it's unfortunate Slash and Duff have made concessions solely to appease Axl instead of looking to appease most of their fans.
  13. I personally, in my real life, don't know one person who likes CD, has nothing too do with my opinion of it. To be honest I don't know a lot of people who care about Guns at all. It only ever comes up in conversation because they know I do. I've been to numerous GNR concerts, VR concerts, Slash concerts, have I heard people mention they like CD or a song on it? Sure. Is it enough to substantiate the band playing any of those songs at a sort of reunion gig? In my opinion, not at all. There's no overwhelming demand to hear those songs at NuGuns shows, why would they play them with Slash and Duff. Anyone who has gone to an Axl concert has seen the lull in the crowd when a CD song is played, this isn't just my opinion, this is what I've observed every single time. There's always a few rows of people on the rails headbanging it, while the rest of the crowd waits it out for the next classic tune. The casual fan may not know 14 Years or DTJ, but the diehards do. Normally, the goal would be to not only appeal to the general masses but also to the fans that have remained with this band from the beginning. For the most part, CD songs don't fit into either scenario.
  14. I'm sorry, but when you get guys in their 50's who haven't played together in over 20 years back together again, I'd feel confident in saying this is more about nostalgia than trying to recapture the feel of a once struggling sunset strip band trying to take over the world . Like Axl has been doing for over a decade, he's toured on the back of the songs from the classic lineup and released one album, while Slash has been spending that same time consistently writing and recording new music. I'd love to hear new songs from them if that was even a possibility, so much more than hearing anything from CD, but Axl hasn't shown much interest in doing anything new. But who knows, maybe he's realized Slash is the muse he's been searching for all this time. It certainly worked out well for him once before. I'd like to think this isn't just all about the money, and that they can actually take this opportunity to be creative together again.
  15. Yeah, I'm not a musician, just a music fan. That's ok, even people who don't play instruments can know what they like and know what sounds like shit to them. And as someone who listens to music, a lot of music, there's nothing amazing about that album. My opinion of course, but it's sub par in comparison to other GNR songs, and all other songs I like in general. There's nothing I like about it, and while people can pretend that the consensus means nothing, the fact that there is no demand to hear these songs, or any indication that they even exist other than on this here forum, speaks volumes of what the prevailing thought is. You can certainly disagree with the mass majority of public opinion, but you can't disregard it as if it doesn't even exist.