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  1. Really? There was definitely more than 100 people there, it's a pretty massive space. I was there maybe around 7:30ish? Great view of the stage and thought for a moment about staying to watch the show from there because it was so cool and comfy, but decided not to. Worth a look at least if you have a Chase card.
  2. 213. Ask someone working there to point you in the right direction. It's all the way at the end of level 200 on Slash's side of the stage. Worth a look.
  3. It was by the Verizon entrance. BTW, for anyone interested, Chase has a nice members only lounge set up on the 2nd level. All you need to do is show your Chase credit or debit card to get in. Better food and cocktails, ac, clean bathrooms, and a larger merch stand with no crowds.
  4. It's human nature to what more from life in general, even from something as silly as your favorite 80's band. Having Axl, Slash and Duff on stage again is cool. Personally, having Axl Slash Duff Izzy and Steven on stage would be cooler. Having Axl acknowledge Slash's birthday was nice to see. Axl jumping out of a cake and leading 60 thousand people in a Happy Birthday song would have been incredible to see. Maybe Slash wouldn't want something like that. Or maybe he would have absolutely loved it. Neither one of these things not happening didn't ruin my experience, but either one would have made that experience better. I just think that calling out anyone for being critical or judgmental is so ironic and hypocritical. It comes off like " I can have an opinion about you, but you can't have an opinion about this band". It's just so lame.
  5. Tickets said 8:30 pm and Lenny hit the stage on the dot. Played for an hour. Allowing for stage set up, which only took maybe 15 minutes or so, everyone was more than ready for them to come on at 10. They came on a few minutes later. Once you see the guns firing on the screens and hear the looney tunes theme, you know it's on. Gone are the days, hopefully, when your'e waiting 2 1/2 hours or more after the opening act for Guns to take the stage.
  6. I saw a guy being arrested last night outside the venue because he was selling water.
  7. I don't think it's that's dramatic. People are just expressing their thoughts. The show last night was good, but not perfect. Just like life, there's always room for improvement. Don't people normally want more? A promotion, a raise, a bigger house, a nicer car, etc. Agree with an opinion, don't agree with an opinion, but honestly, what the difference between a person bitching about the band and another person bitching about the poster.
  8. I guess I was hoping for something special because it was Slash's birthday, but not disappointed that there were no surprises. Overall it was a really good show, best Guns concert I've been to since 2001. Love Lenny Kravitz, brought back memories of the last time I saw him at MSG in 1999. Having sat thru some horrible opening acts for GNR in the past, he was cool. That Let Love Rule jam went on forever though. Would have rather heard a couple of more songs. My friend asked, after the 3rd time Axl introduced Rchard Fortus...why? I have no idea. I don't know if he has done this at all the concerts, but we get it, his name is Ricard Fortus. He did a great job btw, like he always has. The Wish You Were Here solo with Slash is cool. You can tell who the people are who don't spend their time online analyzing every detail of the shows, they were thrilled to hear it. It was the first time I paid attention to Slash's TIL solo. He was hitting notes that I thought would shatter glass. I don't care who is playing that song, I will never like it. Not much has changed since I saw nuGuns playing CD material, there's always a mass exodus for beer and bathroom breaks. Those songs just don't connect with the audience at all. Almost everyone in my section who didn't leave took the opportunity to just sit down for a few minutes, so I guess there's one upside to them being in the setlist. It was cool to hear DTJ, Coma, and OTGM. Wish we didn't have to sacrifice DC to hear Patience. Nightrain was one of my highlights. It's great to see Sash's energy and how much he loves playing that song. And I never get tired of seeing him play the Godfather them. Pure love. Wasn't thrilled with PC, Axl struggles thru it and it feels really rushed. The fireworks and confetti make up for it, but only a little.
  9. So cool, I'll be spending Slash's birthday with him tonight at the show. I know Slash has tweeted a hb to the 'red headed one' in the past but I don't recall Axl every reciprocating? Looking forward to seeing what they do for him.
  10. I saw Bon Jovi open the new stadium too. Also saw U2 and AC/DC there. It's a good venue for a large crowd. And yeah, the tailgating is always pretty crazy! Hadn't really thought about the show until today, and now I'm kinda excited. Finally printed my tickets. Not looking forward to the 95 degree heat and the hour plus it takes just get out of the parking lot, but I've waited a long time to see Axl and Slash on stage again, so maybe it's worth it.
  11. So cool! Hope Stevie stays for the rest of the tour.