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  1. New Brian Interview

    Angus telling Brian they wanted to proceed with the tour, I assume that had to sting. It's not the way he wanted to go out I'm sure. But it all seems pretty cordial, on the surface anyway. It is what it is.
  2. I agree with one thing you said - the legacy of a band is never just about one dude. Which is probably why, despite Axl's effort to continuewith his band for the past 15 years, many fans neverreally considered it to be Guns N Roses. I don't know if AC/DC has the same bullshit with the band name and if itbelongs to Angus or whatever, but I would not be surprisedthat if he decides to continue with itafter theseobligatory tour dates are over, without certain key members,there will be many AC/DC fans who will feel the same as Guns fans did. As for those 50,000+ people going to the shows, those tickets were sold when Brian was still in the band. Who knows if AC/DC would be able to do that in the future. Guns certainly wasn't selling out stadiums with replacements, notuntil Slash and Duff came back. Finally, I think t's silly to call fans arrogant forexpressing their opinions on their favorite band. Haven't we've all had experiences with not onlyreceivingunsolicited advice but even giving it, that's just life,why should a musician be any different. And just like us, they can either take it or leave it. Iffans had never expressedtheirdesire to see Axl and Slash perform together on stage again, it may never have happened. On the topic, cool story about meeting Angus and his wife.I think Axl looks better without all the hats too!
  3. It's a great time to be an AC/DC fan

    If you want to say its a good time to be an Axl fan, then sure, I wouldagree. I definitely give him props for a commendable job so farand keeping to his word with trying his best to do the songs justice. But for me personally,any band I'ma diehard fan of has never been about just one guy. Hencethe word 'band'. It's always been about the collective, a group of musicians who came together and created something special, something that made me want to be their fan. That lightening in a bottle shit that people talk about. So much like myself and others who didn't consider the last 15 years to be Guns N Roses, the feelings are no different for thisAngus project. For me, as a lifelong AC/DC fan, I cannot agree that this is a great time.The band that I've known forever no longer exists. And unlike GNR, there is zero hope that it will ever be the same again. It's actually very sad. There's no rule that says beinga big fan of both these bands makes them inclusive now. They're different bands and I'm a fanfor different reasons.
  4. For anyone who was a diehard fan before this, it really was awful. Their once favorite band became the butt of many jokes. And it just became progressively worse with the cancelled tour and delayed CD release. Not a fun time to be a Guns fan. Still painful to watch.
  5. SCOM Patience Dont Cry
  6. Yesterdays Aint it Fun TWAT
  7. Axl, Slash and Duff, 3 members from the classic lineup, are touring for the first time together since 1993. That's not a continuation to me. As for Slash making changes to songs, so did Bucket. Musicians add their own spin. It's still just covers ofsongshe didn't write,just like any of the other covers he plays.
  8. If it was a continuation then why mention it's been 23 years, technically it would only be 2 years since Guns last toured. The band is "continuing" if that's what's meant, but only because Slash and Duff agreed to reunite with Axl. Therefore, I go for reunion. PlayingCD songs doesn't make it feel like a continuation either,sinceSlash is just playing othermaterial ashe does with TheWho, Floyd or AC/DC at allthe same shows. To him these songs are just another cover.
  9. GNR Social Media Update Discussion

    Unlike GNR fans who are selling out stadiums justto see3 out of 5 memberswho made an album together 29 years agoback together again.
  10. I would like to assume Duff and Slash had some input in this regrouping. Axl may have wanted Ashba in, but I don't think its something Slash wouldhave wanted, and it's definitely not something the band would have needed. Whatever the story is, DJ not being there is only a positive.
  11. GNR Social Media Update Discussion

    I don't know anyone who considers themselves a fan of a band but who doesn't like their lead singer. AC/DC fans bought tickets to see Brian on this tour,why wouldn't they bitch?
  12. Prince 1958 - 2016

    What's wrong with liking Kiss? It's not one of my personal favorites, but certainly other fans can have an opinion. I know you're bummed right now and feeling a sense of loss, but that still doesn't give you the right to define who you think is a fan or who mator may nothave a clue. Iknow those songs you've mentioned, and I'm well aware of his genius,but The Beautiful Ones was and will always be MYPrince song. And for that person it was Kiss, and for someone else it's 1999 and so on. Who the fuck cares. There are millions of people in the world right now heartbroken, you ain't the only one.
  13. Official: Axl will join AC/DC for stadium tour/US dates

    I agree that they probably should have retired after Malcolm became ill, but in a selfish way I'm glad they didn't,because I got to see some of them again one more time. Now however with only Angus left, of course It's a totally different story. As for Brian struggling on the video, I didn't see that one and I'm not even doubting what you say is true,but again, coming from the point of view of GNR fans, it's just not a debate I can take seriously. We've got Bridge School, we've gotRio '11, hell, we've got entire years of shows with Axl struggling,and I doubt you'll find a compatible performance that awfulfrom Brian, a singer who is half deaf and 14 years older.
  14. 04/20/16 - Mexico City - Foro Sol

    I think we're all lucky we never saw it.
  15. Richard a bit overbearing?

    I like Fortus, and always enjoyed watching him with nuGuns much more than any of the other guitarists. He's animated, but it always came across genuine. Can't say I've even noticed him at all with Slash back however. Andmost of the videos I've seen don't really focus on him all that much.