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  1. Hell yeah, I want a Blu Ray and, even better, a live cd
  2. Locomotive is my favorite GnFnRs song. I wish they'd play it live this tour.👍
  3. Anyone know if the tour book is different from 2016? Additional pics, new pics, or same? Thanks
  4. Someone said they don't want new music. WTF? I would kill for a new GNR record, although I'm not getting my hopes up. If not, AXL needs to record with ANGUS and make a kick ass record!
  5. I agree, that's why I hope AXL records a new AXL/DC album. I love Slash, but I really can't listen to the Conspirators lead singer. I just don't like his voice, at all.
  6. Amen. 1 per person. You want two, go to the end of the fucking line. Tired of the greedy lithograph hoarders.
  7. Yeah, man, well said. There's just got to be more to the story as to why they're screwing over Adler. As far as I know, he's clean, sober, and physically capable. There's gotta be some deep rooted animosity between the guys and Steven. I just wish I knew what it was. Us diehard fans, who have spent lots of money, deserve to see as many original members as possible.
  8. That's a kick ass poster!
  9. Unfortunately, I agree with you. I think that after the 2nd US leg, they go their separate ways. That's it, dunzo. AXL connects with Angus, records a new AC/DC record and tours in mid to late 2018. Agreed. No way Steven and Izzy are coming back. Too bad for us fans.
  10. Perfect list of songs for Steven to play. Get this to GNR management, ASAP. I'm going to two shows in September👍🍺🚬
  11. Damn, let the man play on the next leg of the US tour. It's what the fans want to see. Five songs a show and throw the man some cash. To me, it seems like the right thing to do.
  12. What a kick-ass t-shirt/lithograph