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  1. What a kick-ass t-shirt/lithograph
  2. Locomotive, my favorite GNR song of all time. Also, RNDTH would be great, but I love Don't Damn Me off of Illusion 1. Not a real popular song, but I fukin love it.
  3. Anybody got an extra Houston litho for face value? 🙏🏻Missed out in Houston and Dallas. 😩
  4. Just bought GNR live at the Ritz CD. Fucking awesome
  5. If you can't make the Texas shows, I'll take your tickets😂 You're hardcore, brother!
  6. Maybe you're right. I like stadiums because I'm almost assured of a ticket.👍
  7. Van Halen....Women and Children First 👍
  8. Disagree, If GNR can sell stadiums, Metallica will have no problem
  9. The Girl on the Train....good movie
  10. Oh yeah, you're right. I feel like a dumbass now. Probably not going to play for 3 hours😂
  11. I'm talking about My Michelle being permanent, which it wasn't during the 2016 US tour. It was only played a few times. So if it, or Yesterdays WAS added on a permanent basis, it would be a NEW setlist compared to last summer's. I think you probably know what I'm saying, or you're just trolling🙄
  12. Again, time for a 1 poster limit. What bullshit! Damn, people are so greedy. I couldn't get 1 litho at the Dallas or Houston shows, but I'm sure some assholes had 4 or 5 so they could gouge fellow fans.
  13. Was My Michelle played every night in Japan? Haven't checked yet. I hope it's permanent. I'll take Yesterdays and I Used to Love Her, too. New is good. Not quite LOCOMOTIVE good, but still good. September can't get here fast enough 👍
  14. Saw SPLIT on Saturday with my daughter. Love M Night's writing and creativity.