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  1. Mike Patton had the type of career that i believe Axl envisioned for himself in the 90s. Always reinventing himself and going in weird obscure directions. If only Axl was a 10th as prolific. Faith No More is perfect for this thread. The change from The Real Thing to Angel Dust is pretty drastic. The ones after him are awful too,
  2. -Israel has committed atrocity after atrocity and hasn't come close to their stated goal of eliminating Hamas (US says only 30-35%). -Israel just very clearly stepped over Biden's own stated red line with a massacre in Rafah. -The US is becoming increasingly isolated in the international community with their defense of Israel. -Domestically Biden and his officials can not go anywhere without facing protests and he faces a very real chance of losing his re-election. What exactly will be enough for this administration to change course and fully withdraw their support? This is deranged.
  3. Don't forget starving them to death UN accuses Israel of denying Gaza aid access as famine takes hold. Israel are not the ones being oppressed and simply fighting for their existence. "Why aren't they protesting other injustices around the world?" is the most tiresome and tedious argument made every time a mass protest happens. As if protesting something your own government is doing is invalid because you aren't protesting something another government on the other side of the planet is doing. Speaking of, the suppression we are seeing towards these protests is appalling. Not to mention banning platforms and passing speech laws. I haven't quite seen this country so bipartisanly deranged (except maybe after 9/11) and it only looks like it's going to get worse.
  4. Finally relenting and posting the song that has been stuck in my head all week. I can't get it out.
  5. Appalling. Peace to the students at Columbia and everywhere else students are taking a stand against genocide.
  6. Biden needs to make it clear that not only is he not supporting an attack on Iran but if Israel goes forward anyway he isn't defending them from any retaliation this time. Although this is getting away from what Biden actually needs to do and that's put an end to Israel's whole operation. That's the right and human thing to do.
  7. You can only say this if you're blind to everything the US/Israel does because it's clear they are the crazy ones.
  8. "You can't just talk and not listen". Unless you're announcing a cessation of arm shipments along with a call for an immediate ceasefire then there is nothing to listen to.
  9. They were supposed to fight back in the day Maybe it can finally happen.
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