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  1. Years ago I was able to score a long out of print AIC shirt with the Sun logo from Rockabilla. I didn't have any copyright info but the quality was consistent with official stuff.
  2. Well it's not like there is an abundance of material in the last 30 years Fall to Pieces was close enough to a GNR song.
  3. Yeah and the US spends more than those combined! As a side note we need to stop giving this obscene budget the "defense" connotation.
  4. The show is waaaaay better. I re-watched Casino the other night and it really puts into perspective how bad MSON is.
  5. I know the first time i listened to AFD i didn't know Axl was lead on ISE.
  6. Nah that was one of the very few fan service things they held back on. He does say your sisters cunt twice and the varsity athlete line though.
  7. Eh this may have benefited from a limited series format as the characters could have been fleshed out more and the story could breathe. I also probably would have also centered the story around Harold rather than Dickie, as he seemed far more interesting. I can say i hated the development made about Junior. It's stuff like that why i generally hate prequels/sequels.
  8. Hell we're looking at an increase even with the war in Afghanistan being over.
  9. Imagine how embarrassed a person is going to be when they wake up tomorrow hungover and realized they spent $50 on this.
  10. Kidnapping, assassination and a London shoot-out: Inside the CIA's secret war plans against WikiLeaks This is insane stuff.
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