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  1. I think its more of a fascination with the mystique around Axl at that time or as Tom said for nostalgia. The footage is indeed ultimately pointless though.
  2. Got the J&J shot today.
  3. That isn't a crazy idea however i would release the new album first then release the CDII stuff as a kinda side-solo project deal.
  4. I want to see Izzy. Does he get to sing Dust N' Bones and 14 Years also?
  5. No offense but that is Axl's problem. Maybe he could work some of the lyrics or song themes into new compositions.
  6. Well you start from scratch, not try to piece together something from 20 year old songs recorded by a different band.
  7. He should know better than anyone
  8. More hypocritical sanctions on Russia. They are however publicly acknowledging the "low-to-moderate confidence" assessment of the Russia bounty allegations. Unacceptable how our politicians and press carried on with that story. The Curious Case of Konstantin Kilimnik: The Biden administration are making the allegation that Kilimnik provided the polling data from Manafort to Russian intelligence. Neither the Mueller report nor Senate Intelligence Committee report were able to conclude what Kilimnik did with the data. So where is the Biden administration getting this from?
  9. Really. I just found out a few weeks ago my phone has a 2 year record of how many steps ive taken each day, how many stairs of climbed, etc
  10. Speaking of Radiohead, i listened to Creep one time yesterday and it was stuck in my head all day....and its really an unbecoming song to have stuck. Walking around mumbling "im a creep, im a weirdo"
  11. Two years since Julian Assange was drug out of the Ecuadoran embassy and arrested. He is currently sitting in a UK prison on an US extradition warrant. The Biden administration should be facing allot more pressure on this than they are (which is to say they are facing no pressure at all).
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