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  1. I think he meant MFSL (Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab) - Its an audiophile thing. They remastered AFD and both Illusions.
  2. Last Sunday morning, the sunshine felt like rain

  3. Illegally bombing countries already huh?
  4. I love all the exposition about who he is so the kids aren't like who the hell is that
  5. Biden administration plans to continue to seek extradition of WikiLeaks' Assange Not what i want to hear. Obviously this is an interim DOJ and i expect the definitive decision to be made once Merrick Garland is confirmed. However they could just not pursue the appeal at this point.
  6. That stupid Ashba beanie makes me think this is pre-reunion.
  7. Devil in a Blue Dress (1995} Denzel was outshone by Don Cheadle in this. Don showed up like halfway through and completely hijacked the film.
  8. Biden Says He’s Ending the Yemen War—But It's Too Soon to Celebrate
  9. Biden's statement on Yemen sounds like allot of BS. He says were are going to end support for "offensive operations" stop "relevant arms sales" but still support Saudi's right to "defend their sovereignty". That is a qualified statement that is meaningless. At best it sounds like they may pull back on supplying some of the more egregious weapons, but still support the assault but frame it as "defensive". Biden also called for Navalny's release and made this statement "He’s been targeted for exposing corruption and he should be released immediately and without condition" I'll be damned
  10. If we're talking pure talent then its Buckethead. Slash is still the best GNR guitarist though.
  11. I don't mind the disagreement that the only motivation is money but the UYI tour isn't a good a example of motivations now.
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