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  1. Well it is true that it will take divine intervention for Trump to win.
  2. The irony is that Obamacare is a Republican healthcare plan.
  3. Anyone watch the Jeezy/Gucci verzuz? Was cool to see them perform So Icy together at the end
  4. Funny because a similar idea popped into my head today. I was wondering what if he just up and walked out of the white house without saying anything
  5. Will the big lawsuits come before or after his healthcare bill?
  6. "There's a non zero number of people in the room"
  7. Yeah people were manipulated into going to war, with Iraq especially. They took an American public who were still upset and angry over 9/11 and sold them BS about WMD. It has been a while since i went over everything but the Bush administrations 'sales pitch' was rife with falsehoods, misinformation, and manipulation of intelligence. It was criminal. Well thatls what i was saying while expressing my disdain toward what i feel has been revisionist history toward Bush. The horrors and evilness of the 'war on terror' simply can not be downplayed.
  8. Both are beyond being redeemable but i feel time has softened how bad Bush was. -Afghanistan/Iraq -Abu Ghraib/Gitmo/Torture -DHS/Patriot Act -Katrina -Financial crisis and thats a start.
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