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  1. White House reviewing Section 230 amid efforts to push social media giants to crack down on misinformation The WH is well over the line to be flagging posts for Facebook and threatening to do something about Section 230. People are being mislead/manipulated about Sec230: Repealing it wont stop censorship, it'll make it allot worse as platforms would be held liable for the dumb shit you post. Nor would it improve the internet in terms of misinformation, it'll destroy it. It shouldn't be used as a club to get these platforms to crackdown on what the government deems "misinformation" ei
  2. "I want to bury Appetite [or make a bong with its images]" - Axl Rose
  3. Who's next? Riki Rachtman?
  4. All of that was already considered under the Obama administration and they ultimately decided against charging him (albeit not "officially" making a determination). I wouldn't say that they were soft on the issue either, charging 8 people under the Espionage Act. They seemed to understand the ramifications of unprecedentedly charging a publisher. The Biden administration would be wise to reverse course and drop the charges.
  5. He may have misspoke or perhaps there is a different understanding of whistleblower. Assange is a journalist, he should be protected under the first amendment.
  6. French journalist asking questions American ones should be asking. His answer is terrible too.
  7. Also i see Axl forming another band eventually or the reunion happening far sooner. Him being able to tour with the name is what kept him from fading into obscurity for so long.
  8. He would have had far less of a budget and would have been far less of a draw without the name. However he would have had more musical freedom (not feeling he needs to make a rock record) and the budgetary constraints would have kept him in check from overindulgence.
  9. I support repealing the AUMFs obviously but its going to do little if a President can just bomb wherever and whoever they want then cite Article II as authority.
  10. From 1997: C.I.A. Admits Government Lied About U.F.O. Sightings
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