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  1. lol I seen something that said "It gets worse before it gets worse" That's the official slogan of 2020.
  2. Mitt Romney, American Parasite Willard never had integrity. That was always laughable.
  3. I got a free 7" copy of this and i didn't expect anything but i actually kinda like it
  4. Also seems to be more darker than standard superhero fare. I typically don't care for these films but i enjoyed TDK because that was basically a crime thriller with superhero characters.
  5. I told myself i was insane when i paid $55 for one of the Vegas shirts (the skeleton one)
  6. What a terrible day in what has been a terrible year.
  7. Outlawing abortion would be a disaster.
  8. ALAC is Apple's lossless format. You can convert FLAC to ALAC using dbpoweramp music converter. I wish Apple would adapt FLAC playback. I hate how restrictive their universe is. Being an iPhone user and preferring iTunes as my music player (Ive yet to find another whose interface i'm satisfied with) but preferring FLAC as an archiving format, im basically forced into creating another copy of my music into a different format just so i can listen to it. It takes up a ton of space.
  9. Apparently COVID will cause you to develop a herd mentality.
  10. You know what would be hilarious? When Trump says that BLM is a Marxist organization someone needs to ask him to please define what Marxism is
  11. Click the 3 dots at the top right of your post.
  12. I thought politicians using Born in the USA was ironic but Trump using Fortunate Son really takes it to a new height
  13. I remember when a Boeing executive was replaced by a Raytheon lobbyist as Secretary of Defense. Revolving door of corruption.
  14. I wish your fantasy of the Democratic party were true.
  15. I probably once thought this myself but Biden doesn't seem to be nearly as hated and that is pretty big. Plus this election is more about a referendum on Trump than anything.
  16. In the end, Louis clapped him in irons.
  17. His pitch is literally that Eric Andre meme
  18. They should bring back the Quesalupa. I swear every time find something i like at a FF joint they remove it a few months later
  19. No thats what hes running on. Hes the LAW & ORDER! (all caps) President and that you'll be unsafe under Joe (who literally wrote the 1994 crime bill) who has been co-opted by "far-left radicals".
  20. His whole campaign has been stupid and desperate.
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