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  1. I'll give you that, at least someone is putting something out right now. But as far as an album goes, if it didn't have the AC/DC name on it, it wouldn't get a second listen by most.
  2. Absolutely! I actually don't buy in to Axl being a perfectionist. I believe he's insecure and is terrified of releasing music only for it to flop. 1 album in over 25 years tell us everything we need to know.
  3. That was pretty much the point I was making re: Guns. They don't need it to promote the tour. Just get it out, if it exists. Which it doesn't IMO.
  4. Is the days of streaming and subscriptions, is avoiding other releases even a problem any more? Lots of albums have been delayed, many until next year, but it isn't like Guns needs an album to promote the tour. Fans will go anyway for nostalgia - which ironically, may be while we're not likely to see a new album. Would the average GNR gig goer want to see GNR if they ditched a bunch of classics for new stuff? I'm not sure they would.
  5. The band still features the raspy vocals of Axl Rose, alongside guitarist Slash and bassist Duff McKagan. Clearly the article is from some time in the 90s.
  6. I struggled to believe we will hear any new vocals, even if by some miracle we get a new album, or just a song. I'd put good money on Chinese era vocal tracks being used as the main body. But we're not getting anything, so the conjecture is pretty pointless at this stage.
  7. Famılar territory for Ashba. He seems comfortable playing that role. Shame he wasn't able to mime all the Slash solos he butchered live.
  8. Exactly. Charging three times face value for tickets to ‘Platinum Artists’ and suchlike - they should have plenty in the bank to see them through. They, and the artists, have been ripping off fans for years. Between GNR, Ticketmaster and TB, it’s hard to feel any sympathy for any of them in this situation. The postponement/cancellation announcement from GNR was embarrassing. It reads like it was composed in a rush and that they’ve done sweet fuck all to deal with this. Every other show I’ve had cancelled has offered a refund straight off the bat...
  9. Sorry guys, I think you misunderstood my response. In this instance it wasn't directed at Axl, but at the person who suggested I was out of order for taking a shot at Axl by being 'verbally abusive' about his decision to take to social media to call someone else an 'asshole'.
  10. Bit rich when Axl's opening gambit was to call someone an asshole...or that time he came here to call Madison a cunt.
  11. Axl’s reply Tweet was embarrassing. It’s like it was wrote by a 12yr old. Notoirous recluse Axl Rose, who lives in a big ass house in the Hills, backs the continued lockdown...of course he does. Nothing will change for Axl. Means he doesn’t have to get his fat ass of the sofa to do another round of the tour.
  12. Perhaps they saw the release of the children’s book and called Time of Death on the band? I know I did.
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