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  1. Bucket's Nightrain solo is a gift from the Gods. I'd love to hear the rerecorded AFD with Bucket.
  2. My guess is that they’ll start with Australia. Europe won’t be ready. The rest of Europe are months behind the UK. Scotland won’t happen. They’re going slower than England and it doesn’t make financial sense to travel all that way to play only Glasgow. It will be interesting to see if the band, especially Axl, is prepared to be quarantined in a cheap hotel room for 10-14 days however - if Australia keeps up that law.
  3. Every adult will be offered the vaccine - that isn't the same as every adult being vaccinated. Some suggestions are that uptake will be as low as 50% or less in the younger age groups. I think we have to hope the uptake the vaccine is high, otherwise we will see rapid flow tests and/or negative test certificates common place at every venue and will be checked with tickets. I fear rapid flow tests being required would pretty much make it impossible to get 10,000+ people in to an arena in a reasonable amount of time. But credit where it's due - the vaccine rollout to now has been staggerin
  4. I'm with you on this too. If he can't sing live, then knock out an album and let the fans enjoy it. But albums don't make money, and if GNR ended up back in the studio to write an album from scratch, I'm pretty sure 'creative differences' would blow it apart. The best we can hope for is Slash & Duff reworking existing songs/vocal tracks from Chinese era with two or three 'new' songs.
  5. Because that is very likely to happen. But, as per the flu jab, we'll modify the vaccine to become an annual jab. Also, when kids get Covid, they will grow up with a natural immune response as per the other Coronaviruses that make up the Common Cold. Eventually, SARS-CoV-2 will be part the Coronaviruses which are seen as 'just a cold'. Problem is, that could take a generation, perhaps more.
  6. Dude! We have Shadow of your Love. Don't be so ungrateful. It's hard to release music these days in the absence of suitable platforms. (yes I'm being sarcastic) This isn't a band that needs an album to promote a tour, nor a tour to promote an album - so I completely agree - the whole 'wait until after Covid' thing is total horse shit.
  7. Do you mean for you personally, or as a "band"? Because let's be frank, Axl, Slash & Duff can tour this shit for years and people will pay to see AFD & UYI until the cows come home, albeit it at progressively smaller venues. By that time they will have put hundreds of millions in the bank. They'll do another round of stadiums to capitalise on the excitement (already lined up), then we'll see a long ass arena tour that will be the farewell a la Motley and Kiss. All in all, that's the next few years taken care of and then Axl will hang up those size 38" pants and the sombrero he will hav
  8. Slash knew what he was getting in to. As did Duff. IMO, Slash played the PR game by talking about new music. I'm sure he would jump at the chance to release music with Guns, but I have absolutely no doubt he isn't tied to exclusivity contract in Guns because he knew full well that the chances of releasing new music was slim to none. Slash & Duff are in the band/business predominantly for the money and a swan song. There's nothing wrong with that. But that's the deal. New music will be an added bonus. I would bet my right nut that the contract they agreed to states nothing about new mu
  9. Thanks for the info/sharing the rumour. Not doubting the credibility, but they're waiting on Axl to do what exactly?
  10. If everything is left to Team Brazil (in the event of Axl's sad passing), we won't hear shit. If Axl wasn't prepared to release it, they won't either. Unless they spend everything he leaves and need the cash, or Axl leaves owing the a record company something.
  11. I'll give you that, at least someone is putting something out right now. But as far as an album goes, if it didn't have the AC/DC name on it, it wouldn't get a second listen by most.
  12. Absolutely! I actually don't buy in to Axl being a perfectionist. I believe he's insecure and is terrified of releasing music only for it to flop. 1 album in over 25 years tell us everything we need to know.
  13. That was pretty much the point I was making re: Guns. They don't need it to promote the tour. Just get it out, if it exists. Which it doesn't IMO.
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