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  1. I agree completely with your post.
  2. Guns N Roses is not 5 guys. If you like that line up the best, great, fantastic line up and great album but guns is what happened then and what happened after. i Love appetite but i think i like UYI more. You are right duff wasn't playing stadiums, but duff has done far better since GNR than steven, steven's band was supporting Loaded after all (and he almost burned that bridge), but whatever. My point is obviously the guys have reason to be wary, right? Actions speak louder than words. I think Steven is a better drummer than Sorum (for my taste) yet, no VR, etc, why? He got a great opportunity to play in front of thousands of fans and you know very well the band didn't have to do that for him. Would you at least concede, since they didn't advertise his appearance that they did that for him and the fans? Why else was he there? I know Steven quite well and I like him, I don't have a problem with him being the drummer in GNR or not it just annoys me how anyone who is not involved suddenly becomes a saint and the rest become whatever the phrase of the month is, i mean, fuck, who really didn't take Axl at his word when he said "not in this lifetime"? I never thought this would happen and maybe you didn't either? But many here seem to have got tired very quickly. Steven is not involved full time because he is not reliable and or liked, now level that same accusation at Axl from duff and slash's comments and it fits historically, but Axl's part in GNR is far bigger than stevens part. Not taking anything away from him, he did far more with appetite than i've ever done with my life, but he was sacked for a reason and he's not been invited to the big solo gigs and bands for a reason: the band find him difficult to deal with, clearly. I have known a couple of famous people in my life and they are all fucking crazy. I don't know everyone in GNR but spent some good time with steven and he is just as much a diva as Axl is portrayed in the press (I don't know Axl in real life), he's a famous fuck, millionaire and he acts as such (just like i would).
  3. What are you talking about? They have to queue KOHD for everything that happens in the world? Or they are what? disingenuous? What is your point?
  4. You are completely right, Steven never complains about anything or talks shit about band members. Honest? How about keeping your mouth shut and respecting the people who made it possible for you to once again play stadium shows around the world? You are aware that Steven is pretty much retired, right? Because he can't even fill clubs on his own, foot mouth, shot foot.
  5. Not sure why you would block and unblock me all the time. Seems weird. MSL has broke a lot news regarding the band, no reason in my mind to doubt what he reported about the contracts, but each to their own.
  6. I'm not here gloating about "being right" about anything, if 'you' thought it was a new album being launched and are now upset about that who's to blame? GNR?
  7. I didn't know anything, but I was pretty sure it was more touring. It makes perfect sense business wise to tour more, they have only been at it a year and have had great success. Why stop? Why stop playing to thousands of fans each night? Having a blast, making them happy and making boat load of money at the same time?
  8. Who hypes up a massive tour of one of the most iconic bands in history? Do you really need an answer to that? No offense, mate, but you are the only person on this forum who thought that was really what was going to happen. Some allowed ourselves to hope, but no one thought that would happen. It's not the time to drop an album for one, this tour is promoting the history of Guns, the back catalogue. Once this dries up and if they all want to remain part of GUNS, they'll probably release something then. Why drop an album now? It will have a bigger impact once the tour is over. Slash has been touring with GNR for years? No, one year, and it's still a big deal for a lot of people, as you'll see soon by the ticket sales for these gigs. People have waited for Slash to be back in Guns forever, this tour has legs. The success of this tour only helps the possibility of an album, dvd's, etc, for the future. You're disappointed, I get it, I want a new album more than shows too, but you don't have to attack the band over it, like they've fucked you over or something. Most people are NOT waiting or wanting a new album. It's the tour that matters.
  9. You thought a new single or album was coming out? Mmmmm... did you really?
  10. The rest of the fanbase doesn't consider themselves as important as you do, but by all means, dream on. These shows will sell a shit load and so they should, it's a great show.
  11. Sure, but he also made it clear he only wanted to be involved in the future if they did it "right" (with him and Izzy). I have no idea what lies @BorderlineCrazy is talking about. They are Stevens words not mine.
  12. Yeah, LOL, not as though he was ever right about anything! Oh, yeah, actually he has given fans a tonne of great info! Better track record than lets say, you.
  13. All those comments from fans about his integrity seem a little silly now, no? What happened to only playing with the band if they did it "right"?
  14. I wasn't aware the chief songwriter in GN'R (Axl Rose) was left out of the shows. Which he is, by the way, he wrote the most songs (not including Chinese). Funny how lies become truths so quickly in some of your minds.
  15. where is this number from?