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  1. that's why I thought I would offer here first. sad. Some of them are at $150
  2. Sorry I can't help you but I would give you $80 for your large! I can pay you paypal if your interested. they sold out of most sizes before I even got inside the first night. lol
  3. I never saw them live before 93 but was a huge fan. I couldn't wait for the Illusions to come out. I had the bootlegs and played them over and over. I was blown away by how good it sounded when they finally came out. Played them over and over. wore them out!
  4. Beta's new gift

    There not anymore dangerous then any other vehicle if driven properly.
  5. Beta's new gift

    Lol I have seen slingshots they are pretty cool! She is going to love that!
  6. Truth is....we allowed this to happen.

    Wow we allow huh? Whatever. Axl is Axl. He is going to do what he wants. You and I haven't got a damn thing too do with it. lol Truth is for me, Axl was the biggest reason I got so into GNR. So I will support old, new or reunion. I just like GNR can't that be enough?
  7. Axl's liquid pistol tee would be on my list. And of course one of Axl's used mic's.
  8. I would have said the same thing Axl did. Nothing sad about it.