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  1. Beta's new gift

    There not anymore dangerous then any other vehicle if driven properly.
  2. Beta's new gift

    Lol I have seen slingshots they are pretty cool! She is going to love that!
  3. Truth is....we allowed this to happen.

    Wow we allow huh? Whatever. Axl is Axl. He is going to do what he wants. You and I haven't got a damn thing too do with it. lol Truth is for me, Axl was the biggest reason I got so into GNR. So I will support old, new or reunion. I just like GNR can't that be enough?
  4. Axl's liquid pistol tee would be on my list. And of course one of Axl's used mic's.
  5. I would have said the same thing Axl did. Nothing sad about it.
  6. I admit he sounded like he really meant that. pretty cool. I have been off the Slash band wagon for a very long time but it would be nice too see them make peace at some point.
  7. Laugh if you want but I have been looking for that eyeliner tip for a while now. Thanks Dj!! lol
  8. I had read many times before. That Tom was the one that did all this too get the band heard but it was really cool too here him saying it. he he not speaking like he is trying too make a buck. He is speaking as a true music fan. Thank you Tom!!
  9. Good for you Axl. Let the haters, hate. You felt the need too speak up and did. So many of us just become numb too all the shit in the world. At least you took the time and your name too speak up.
  10. Radio Live: Guns 'n' Roses

    First hearing about it but that Rosemont Horizon show is great!
  11. Kilt or No Kilt?

    I loved the Kilt but that time has past. Looking forward too what the future holds.
  12. Damn it Ron! You belong in this band!
  13. Del James

    Lol! That is a great one!
  14. Del James

    Del is a true friend. Too bad most GNR fans see a friend as a leach. What is so damn bad about giving a job that requires a trusting person, to a good friend. I loved reading Del's interviews back in the day. For those of you that don't know. He was Editor of RIP Mag. I found his book a great read. No it wasn't the best book written but it was a blast too read. And I have read it several times over the years. It would make a great horror B Flick!! Frankly I think if it wasn't for people like Del in Axl's life, Axl wouldn't be here anymore. Thanks Del!