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  1. Covid protocols perhaps. Not that you can catch Covid from pyro (although… have they done any testing?) but it’s one less “team” in the mix.
  2. Slash is papering this show by himself. (These were freebies given to the Jersey Jack Pinball team.)
  3. Hope the intel helped! After seeing how easy the reentry was on night 1 and how close the parking garage was, we actually went in on night 2 at doors open at 6:30, grabbed prints and shirts and then took them back to the car then went back in just as Mammoth went on. Interesting to see the limit of 1 poster per person last night after no posted limit the first night. (Actually it was listed as “1 person per poster” on the sign - wish I’d taken a pic of that.)
  4. Maybe not used to seeing him in a good mood. He was acknowledging and waving to individuals in the crowd all night, and was fairly chatty (for Axl.) Start to finish, two truly great shows back-to-back. Despite no set list change, I’m glad I went to both as they were outstanding.
  5. Predictable set list aside, show was killer. Band was super-tight, Slash playing as well as ever, and Axl sounded the best out of the 10-11 reunion gigs I’ve been to (Vegas, NYC and NJ.) Axl was in a great mood, which never hurts. At one point near the end (maybe just before PC?) he was on Duff’s side and backed into Slash and said “What the fuck are you doing over here?” Small venue definitely the way to go. Charge more, play multiple nights. Even managed to grab the lithograph inside 50 minutes after doors opened. Looking forward to tomorrow’s show.
  6. Don’t know about limit - only asked for 2 in case I have to trade for tomorrow night’s. Apparently there is a merch stand outside, and two inside. Go through two ‘gates’ (show your ticket at the first, get searched at the next) you can go left or right - each side has a beer stand and then a merch stand. I went right.
  7. Atlantic City night 1 limited to 150, and yet it was the easiest get yet. We waited until 7 to come in, hit front of merch stand around 7:20, and grabbed two.
  8. Did you get anything beyond a pat on the back for your art used in the pinball machine? (You also don’t get an art credit or digital asset credit, which seems kind of lousy, so I’m guessing in this case once you’ve given them the commissioned art they “own” it to use as they see fit?)
  9. Edit: SOLD Looks like I’m not making this show, so two pairs of seats available. I do have these listed on Ticketmaster as well, but priced here below face+fees. These are mobile tickets, would be transferred direct through Ticketmaster immediately upon payment (Venmo or PayPal F&F.) Floor Section A1, Row 1, Seats 1 and 2: $725 for the pair Section 129, Row 2, Seats 1 and 2: $650 for the pair
  10. It’s on the sides of the CE model of the 2020 pinball machine, and I think it was used on a non-event shirt a couple of years ago.
  11. Not a chance. I’m 56% certain they’re the opener.
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