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  1. then fair enough my friend...to bad you are disappointed
  2. you remember this is art right? and live?
  3. stop watching every show on periscope then my man
  5. loved reading your post. unless you actually do it you have no ideA!
  6. I am 41 now and live in Vancouver..but in 95 I travelled to Australia and in Sydney there is a district called Kings cross and went into an arcade and saw it and played it all night! I have a pic of me at the machine too which is pretty cool. man I had skinny arms back then!
  7. for alot of us, Guns was the biggest band in the world while we were watching it unfold in real time and then to have them just vanish into history is unique. the rest of the world is just re discovering what us on this site have always known.
  8. crazy how we all know exactly what you mean there
  9. what track is it being played in the background the last 3 seconds?
  10. man! I think i should go see my doctor and getting my hearing checked? or wait, maybe i need to see a shrink! Cuz my ears AND my mind are telling me that was fucking awesome?? i must be off..or it could be the weed?
  11. wow our boys are bad ass again and i fuckin love it. for all the years of being bashed for still being loyal to gnr in what ever form it was it is odd that it feels like revenge without even saying a word! ok, i might be weirder than i thought lol
  12. what is happening! i want to believe Mulder
  13. and we do realize that we are among the very few people in the world who actually notices this right?
  14. you are absolutely right in every way, he is a part of all those songs and always will be...just take it to another part of the forum that's all. he hasn't been in the band for HOW long?
  15. this does have nothin to do with this section. I've loved the band since 1988 and tell everyone that izzy was the key to a lot of what made guns tracks amazing but c'mon MAN, its been more than 14 years of silence...dude aint a part of gnr for a loooong time...time to let it go