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  1. /thread. Truly! Isn’t that insane?
  2. I don’t have much to say but this was a complete train wreck on every level. The moderator was horrible as were the 2 candidates, I still can’t believe this is the best of the best of what America has to offer. Wow
  3. I need to come up with one. Hypothetical is cool. I guess as much as I was bored with the same tour going on and on now Covid has destroyed it, it blows. I am gonna do up a setlist, could be fun
  4. Interest is a sticky thing right now, perhaps they make or dont lose some money but its not a good time for investments and likely to get much worse as we continue with Covid
  5. Assuming a logistical nightmare tour of 2021 happens when we are in the infancy of the Covid Pandemic. I don't see how a tour is happening. I think the chance of them touring is less than zero.
  6. Thank you! Always a blast when you are around
  7. It is a music industry blackout, they are asking all artists to do these things.
  8. The virus cannot be compared to the flu we see every year. The flu vaccine is basically a guess of what strain and mutation they are likely to see, they need months to make it and sometimes its not effective by the time its ready. The flu is a rapidly mutated virus with many strains. They don't know yet about covid, covid may mutate rapidly and change drastically or it can be like other viruses we have had forever and had vaccines unchanged for decades. If you live in North America were you vaccinated against deadly viruses as a child? Some of those are great examples of vaccines that
  9. I’m glad my fav band is playing LIVE even with fuck ups... rock n roll!
  10. I agree I mean with all the shit in the world I’m happy to be watching this with all of you. It’s great
  11. I don’t care about certain things... this is super cool I’m enjoying the fuck outta this, I hope they give more weekly. cranked after work works for me
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